My Favorite Movies To Watch While STONED!

We ALL know there are TONS of movie lists out there for us Stonerz! However, it hasn’t stopped me from sharing my list of favorite movies to watch while I’m on cloud 9.  Now, many (if not all) list out there consist of mainly comedies, which don’t get me wrong are essentials for us Stonerz, we LOVE to laugh. 

When I’m stoned sometimes I’m in the mood for a little fashion show, or maybe some action and a little drama. It honestly all depends on which cloud I’m on LOL!  

Here are my top favorite Stoner Girlz movies (or my favorite movies to watch while STONED): 

  • We all know my FIRST LOVE is Comics! So of course I had to start my list off with some of my favorite comic movies.  These movies have the perfect combination of comedy, action, drama and suspense! 
    • The Dark Knight
    • Men in Black (YES all three + International)
    • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
    • Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • Second on my list are my Fashion Favorites/Love Movies.  Hey I can’t help it I’m a Stoner Girl! Sometimes I want to see love and pretty things while I’m faded! I know I’m not alone on this one! 
    • The Devil Wears Prada
    • Sex in the City (you guessed it 1&2)
    • Pretty Woman
  • Next up are my Drama/Crime/Action Movies.  No list can be complete without these!  Sometimes I feel like I’m right in the middle of the drama with the actors when I’m watching these classics while saucy!
    • Face Off
    • Good Will Hunting
    • The Green Mile
  • Last are my Fantasy/Action Adventure movies.  I definitely had to save my second favorite for last (because we all know comics come FIRST).  Fantasy movies are definitely a MUST WATCH for any Stoner! 
    • Lords of the Rings (sigh, you know it – all of them)
    • Pirates of the Caribbean (yup, all)

I hope you enjoyed the list of my favorite stoner movies! Let me know what are some of your favorites to watch while STONED! 

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