My Canna-Inspired Jewelry Collection!

One thing about ME, there is no shame in my game when it comes to showing my love for my favorite plant, the cannabis plant. Lately, cannabis-inspired jewelry has been taking over, let’s be real what better way to make a HIGH fashion statement while representing with some dope jewels.

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from some of my favorite shops. Hopefully, they inspire you to get some of your own!

  • Sweet Chiba Baby – I absolute ADORE these pieces. They are so handmade, unique and super realistic. Great affordable prices and they make EXCELLENT STONER GIFTS!
    • here are some of my favorite pieces that I own:
  • ASCHE Industries – If you are looking for HIGH-end fashion designs then this is your place! Their cannalux-jewelry collection has some stunning, unique gold pieces that will complement your outfits and smoking collection.
    • here is my piece from their collection:
  • Stiletto Stonerz Boutique – for affordable, dainty cute canna-inspired jewelry this is the boutique. Cute and classy pieces that are perfect for everyday wear.
    • here are two of my favorite pieces from their collection:

Did you spot anything you liked? Click the Boutique links to explore more accessories on websites.

Let us know some of your favorite boutiques to shop for canna-inspired jewelry.