My Moldavite Experience

On my spiritual healing journey, I wanted to seek out the most powerful healing crystal or stone. I LOVE to use my stones for meditation, manifestation, protection, and healing; so naturally, I wanted to find a very powerful stone/crystal to aid me.

While researching I kept coming across this one particular stone “moldavite”. This stone was said to be a “mysterious green talisman, formed from nature’s violent meteoric impact with Mother Earth”. Of course, this got my attention and I started to research more! Further research stated that this was a stone of intense frequency, transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, and chakra cleansing.

After researching this beauty and becoming extremely excited my next stop was YouTube and Facebook Groups (The Moldavite Tribe & The Moldavite Society) to learn more from people who actually own the stone. Boy, was I in for a surprise. There were so many stories on YouTube and Facebook on how this stone has literally turned people’s lives upside down. The dreams and visions owners of the stone were receiving were stunning. I definitely had to get my hands on one. However, there was one problem…

Moldavite could only be found in the Czech Republic and it’s becoming extremely RARE! So of course there are an extreme amount of fakes out there on the market. I searched everywhere I could until I found a reputable buyer and a stone called out to me. On my Birthday I finally received my little spooky stone:

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My Moldavia Crystal

When I first held my stone I felt such a rush! Instantly my head became light, my heart started racing and I felt drained. I put my stone inside of one of my Stiletto Stonerz Smoke Kits (since it’s a tin box) and fell right asleep. My dreams were very intense and vivid the first night I slept while having my stone. The next morning I got up and put my Moldavite next to one of my clear quartz crystals and that helped tone down the frequency for me. However, my dreams are still pretty intense.

After a week of having the stone, I meditated (for only 8 minutes) with my moldavite. I felt very tingly inside like something was trying to float out (it was weird, super weird). I’m definitely noticing some changes in my way of thinking, living, and being. The best part is my spiritual connection and personal development are strengthened, I’m feeling more powerful. I’m beyond excited for my journey with my moldavite and whatever it holds.

One word of advice, don’t try to seek out this stone if you are not ready. Fake intentions will get fake stones. When you are ready your stone will find you. Make sure to start off in small doses and ALWAYS balance with a good grounding stone, like clear quartz.

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