This past weekend March 26-28th, 2021, I had the honor of attending my 2nd Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference. As always Gary & Marie brought the HEAT 🔥 and gave us three (3) amazing days of learning, networking, and overall fun! I first learned about this conference back in 2020 via Instagram and I was instantly drawn in. This was the first time I’ve ever seen a business conference dedicated to the growth and success of a Cannabis Company. This was my chance to learn from successful business owners, investors, and people like myself looking to break in the industry. I couldn’t pass this up!

Why is this conference so Epic? Well, let me break it down for you. The information that you receive in just 3 days is PRICELESS! Where else can you get 40+ entrepreneurs who have GREATLY impacted the industry to share their success stories, lessons, growth strategies, and MORE?! NOWHERE! Both times I’ve attended this conference I’ve left feeling more informative about my industry and confident about building my brand. And let me tell you one thing, Gary does the DAMN THING hosting. My attention span is similar to a toddler and the fact that he keeps me tuned in and interested says A LOT.

Below were a few of my favorite speakers, they kept me interested and excited while they were dropping knowledge. Let me tell you, they genuinely want to see the BEST for you and your brand and that is what makes this conference so phenomenal.

Head on over to The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur website, check them out, and sign up for their newsletter! Let me tell you right now if you are in the cannabis industry then do whatever it is in your power to make sure you attend their next conference.

Check them out HERE for testimonials (cause y’all know I’m not lying) and moments from previous conferences.