My Favorite Crystals 🔮 for Travel Protection

Now, we all know I am a HUGE lover of healing crystals! Since I’ve already shared my precious Moldavite with you guys, it’s only right I share the rest of my crystal collection. I have a pretty big collection so I figured I’d break it down based on how I use my crystals. I basically group each healing crystal into mini sets to aid with protection, spiritual growth/guidance, love, finance, and so on.

Today I’d like to share my favorite crystals that I use for travel protection. If you’re like me you have a fear of flying, so I use these crystals to help ground me and offer protection and shielding while I’m traveling. They also help to calm my nerves and anxieties.

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My Travel Crystal Collection

My travel set of crystals includes:

  1. Yellow Jasper: companion stone – protects against accidents
  2. Moonstone “The Traveler’s Stone”: deflects negativity – clears the mind and senses. Helps with jet lag.
  3. Amethyst: protection – calms nerves
  4. Malachite: protection, guards against accidents
  5. Clear Quartz: alertness, protection fro negativity, grounding
  6. Labradorite: psychic protection – shields aura

What are some of your favorite crystals to use to help aid with your travels? I’d love to know!


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