My Favorite Skin Care Hacks (For Stoner Girlz)

As much as I love being a stoner, one thing I make sure to avoid is looking like a stoner. I like to put a little more extra effort into my daily skincare routine to make sure my skin keeps her glow. Since I’m a lover of cannabis you know I incorporate some CBD-infused skin products into my routine.

Below is a quick run-through of my skincare routine and some of my favorite CBD infused products:

Cleanse: first I’ll cleanse my face with some face wash, then I’ll follow up with one of my CBD-infused face masks. Depending on my skin’s needs I’ll either use my CBD infused charcoal face mask (for brightening) or my cucumber face mask (for tightening). I”ll leave my face mask on for about 10 minutes then massage the serum to work it into my skin.

Eye Cream: after I apply my toner (usually some witch hazel), then I follow up with my favorite CBD hemp-infused eye cream from Tribe Tokes. This awesome eye cream helps to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. I just take a little dab and apply it on my eye area and gently rub it in.

Moisturizer: Once I finish treating my skin, I follow up with some moisturizer. I make sure to apply some in the morning and before bedtime. I love to use Glow Gelée CBD infused Firming Serum by Undefined Beauty.

Teeth/Fresh Breath: After a day of smoking, it’s a MUST that we brush our teeth not just in the morning but before bed. Consistent daily contact of smoke and teeth can’t be good for our teeth so we have to stay ahead of the game. Even though I don’t have a recommendation for any CBD infused toothpaste I do have one for some CBD infused fresh mint breath strips. I like to pop one of these in throughout the day to say calm and keep my breath fresh.

Lips: last but not least, I like to focus on my lips. I do everything I can to avoid black lips. I make sure to exfoliate gently in the shower (use a soft toothbrush) or after brushing my teeth. Once I’m done exfoliating I’ll moisturize and protect my lips with my favorite CBD-infused moisturizing balm.

My number one secret to my skincare tips like these is that I make sure to keep my routine consistent, otherwise they won’t work. Build a basic skincare routine that reflects the end goal you want, and stick to it.

What are some of your favorite skincare hacks? I’d love to try them out!