Things I Don’t Leave Home Without.

What are some must-haves we can’t live without for a day??  Like, not even for a quick outing?  I”m always on the road so I like to make sure I have my “Tiffany supplies” ready and in my purse at all times. The tough part usually comes when I like to wear a clutch, then I have to make some sacrifices.

Well, I want to share a handful of “Cheeba supplies” that I can’t leave my house without. Hopefully, my list can give you some ideas for things to add to your purse/bag. Let’s face it you can never be too prepared. At least, not when it comes to packing your purse/bag.

  • Keys – well DUH! I definitely can’t leave home without these. I won’t be able to get back in LMAO! I keep my keys in my Louis Vuitton Key Holder so they are pretty easy to find and grab when I’m heading out the house.
  • AirPods – these are a MUST! I need my music to help make it through the day so I keep my AirPods with me at all times. I even got a cute case to match my LV Key Holder.
  • Batman face mask, hand sanitizer spray and tissues – hey we have to be safe and sanitary 🤷🏽‍♀️right?!
  • CBD infused moisturizing balm – I use this as a 2 in 1 for my lips or in case my hands feel a bit dry.
  • Crystals – there are also a MUST, I always have protection and guidance with me when I’m outside.
  • Stiletto Stonerz Mini Stash Kit – my stash kit is like my AMEX! listen, you never know when you may need to ROLL UP & LIGHT UP! And now that cannabis is legal in NYC its only right I stay prepared at all times.

  • Reusable Straw – I LOVE my reusable straw and the best part about it I can break it down and put it in my case and go. I’m a heavy smoker who LOVES juice so I always make sure I have my reusable straw around. What better way to cut down on plastic consumption while keeping it cute!

  • Afro Pick & Hair Care Supplies – I’m a natural curly girl and listen to me when I tell you, you never know what the day holds for your hair LOL! I rather be safe than sorry so I always make sure I have my afro pick, bobby pins, leave in conditioner, restorative spray and gel. Some times you may have to end up give yourself a new hairstyle during the middle of the day! UGH life of a curly girl!

Batman Button – last but not least my Batman Button, I’m a die-hard Batman fan, and even though I have a tattoo I MUST wear my button at all times to show my love and dedication for the Dark Knight. Look I love me some Batman, I gots to REPRESENT!

What are some of your “supplies” that you can’t leave home without? Let me know, I may end up adding to my list based on your suggestions LOL!