R.I.P DMX❤️💔!

Rest In Peace and condolences to all of Earl Simmons (better know as DMX) loved ones! Also condolence to us, the fans we truly lost a great one! I don’t want to post much on DMX since I really don’t know anything that hasn’t already been said. However, I wanted to pay my respects the best way I know how, by dropping some videos of a few of my favorite tracks done by the late great.

I hope you enjoy!

How’s Its Going Down –

What They Really Want –

What’s My Name? –

Money, Power, Respect –

Where The Hood At? –

Where My Dogs At? –

4,3,2,1 –

Those were just a few of mine, let me know some of your favorites. I”m also thankful I was able to see my favorite rapper and the late great do a verzuz together. Which in my opinion (and the rest of the world LMFAO) was the BEST ONE!

Check it out below in case you missed it,

Rest In Peace DMX!