My Favorite Juicy Jay Rolling Papers

I’ve smoked my fair share of backwoods, Dutches, front, and rolling papers. As of gotten older, I noticed I started to gravitate more towards rolling papers with a small piece of fronto inside. I’ve enjoyed quite a few rolling papers that I’ve tried but nothing comes close to Juicy Jays. With their triple-dip flavoring method and various delicious flavors, it’s no wonder why these yummy papers are my favorites.

Here are some of my favorite flavors:

Watermelon – this was actually the first flavor that they made and the first flavor that I tried.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – just like the homemade batch grandma use to make! 😆

Blueberry – This was actually my favorite for a long time until they released my new current favorite. Blueberry will always be on my top 5 tho!

Pineapple – Another top 5, the flavor from this paper is absolutely delicious!

Birthday Cake – I always celebrate my birthday with these yummy papers. The perfect way to BLOW out your birthday cake 😆

Last but not least, my absolute favorite Juicy Jay rolling papers of all time…Cotton Candy – sweet and savory these papers can’t be beaten in my opinion. The gorgeous blue color is also a super huge bonus.

Do you have a favorite Juicy Jay flavor? Drop it below:

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