My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels (For Comics)

Yes, I’m a lover of YouTube! Especially when it comes to the channels that focus on comic-related news and stories. I knew it was bad when I found myself watching YouTube as much as my niece and nephews watch it (y’all know kids and YouTube 😩).

Now, when it comes to YouTube content creators who cover comic-related news and stories, they MUST bring their A-game. I’ve been reading comics for too long to be listening to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I need someone who shares the same passion and dedication for comics like I do so I could enjoy them.

Below are some of my favorites:

Comics Explained: Shout out to the Rob Corp! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this channel! Rob has been reading comics for just as long as I have so his love is REAL! Rob can literally make you an expert within minutes with his videos. I love to watch his channel after I finish a comic, his storytelling and breakdowns are just amazing. He grabbed the number one spot on my list when he covered one of my favorite superheroes of all time – BLUE MARVEL! That right there showed me Rob was about his business.

New Rockstars: I LOVE ME SOME ERIK! His breakdowns on the Marvel/DC/Image Comics Universe are the absolute BEST! Trust me when I say Erik knows his sh*t, OK! Now he really doesn’t do full breakdown on actual comics like Rob does, but when he’s breaking down Easter eggs his knowledge for comics always shines through. Who else was riding hard on the Mephisto train with my Conductor Erik during Wandavision? 😂😂

Heavy Spoilers: One thing about Paul, he’s going to bring those puns! LMFAOOOO 😩😩 He’s another one of my favorite YouTube creators who covers the Marvel/DC/Image Comics Universe. This channel runs neck and neck with New Rockstars (whispers in Paul’s voice “it’s all connected”)! They bring passion, research, and fun to their channels but Paul and those damn puns! I just LOVE IT! He’s my favorite right now for Falcon & The Winter Solider and Invincible coverage. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Emergency Awesome: Good Ole Charlie – he’s my one-stop-shop for Marvel, DC, Image, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones (before Season 8 😒) content. Charlie’s prediction & Easter egg breakdown videos are THEE absolute best. After I finish watching a movie or TV show I usually will go to Charlie’s channel to see his Easter egg breakdowns then I’ll go back and re-watch to see if I can catch them.

Cosmic Wonder: Warren brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe leaks…which I don’t mind because I already know what’s going on🤷🏽‍♀️). He doesn’t really spoil too much in my opinion, he usually breaks down plot leak rumors, upcoming tv episodes, final scenes, etc. I also enjoy his trailer breakdowns and Easter egg videos.

A few honorable mentions are Variant Comics, ScreenCrush, and Comicstorian.

Who are a few of your favorites?