Top 10 Gifts for a Die-Hard Batman Fan!

As Batman’s NUMBER 1 Fan in the Universe, I felt it was only right I shared some of my favorite Batman gifts with you guys. This way you can share the love with other true die-hard Batman fans who deserve it. 😁

I’ve been collecting Batman memorabilia, gifts, clothing, jewelry, etc. (you name it, I got it) for years! Sometimes I just don’t feel right if I don’t buy something with Batman on it LOL! He just completes me! ❤️☺️❤️. All of my Batman possessions have specials meaning to me so it was a bit hard to narrow this list down! However, I rolled up a spliff and got some juice (in one of my favorite Batman cups of course) and got to thinking…

What would be the Top 10 must-have gifts for a Batman fan! Or maybe just my Top 10 favorite gifts of all time! 🤷🏽‍♀️

10. My Batman Painting – This painting is super special to me, it was gifted to me by a good friend of mine. I always appreciate any Batman gift that I receive from a friend. This was actually my first painting of Batman for my collection. I definitely plan on collecting more for my Batman Den.

9. My Batman Goblet – MAN do I love this thing LMFAO! I drink my wine or juice out of it. How could you not love it!

8. My Batman Shot Glass – WITH THE CAPE OF COURSE! I had to follow up with my shot glass after showing off my goblet. I”m usually the center of attention when it’s time to take shots when I break out my Batman Shot Glass! And YES, I do the flying motion with the cape when taking my shot!

7. My Batman Funko Pops – No list is complete without Funko Pops. I don’t care what you say! I have a few of them but below are my two favorites. My 1989 funko pop and my 1939 funko pop. These two are special two me as they represent the first time I was introduced to Batman and the first time the World was introduced to Batman


6. Batman: A celebration of 75 Years – This amazing Batman collection includes some of the best stories from Detective Comics.

5. My Batman Snuggie – I love this thing for when I’m lounging around the house watching some comic-related movies or just reading comics. I”m always cold so this was a perfect gift from another good friend of mine.

4. My Batman Mirror – ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GIFTS! I was researching this mirror for myself for some time. However, I didn’t purchase it (at the time) because I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it. I must have gone on Amazon like every day just to look at this mirror! LMFAO! The Universe has a way of working out, one of my very close friends gave me this mirror (not a pic of my actual mirror) for my Birthday. Man, I cried so hard because she had no idea how much I was stalking this mirror.

Singing *That’s What Friends Are Forrrrrrrrrrr*

3. My Batman Chess Set – my favorite game I’m the world combined with my favorite superhero and villain … WELL, YES PLEASE! This was a gift from one of my old lovers! He will always have a special place in my heart; well because he was so loving and because of this gift. LMFAO! ❤️

2. My Batman Onesie – YES WITH THE CAPE! My favorite pajamas of all time. The only time I get excited about the winter is because I get to wear my suit. This is the perfect gift for anyone. Super warm, Snuggie, and comfy! The BEST gift that I’ve ever received – I think my cousin got it for me.

My Favorite Batman Gift of ALL TIME! My Autograph from Kevin Conroy. The GREATEST Batman of all time! I stood in a line for HOURS to get this autograph. I cried when I got to Kevin 😂😂 I’m so lame! I couldn’t hold back the tears that man-shaped my childhood and my love for Batman. When I leave this Earth is autograph is coming with ME.❤️

Did you see anything you liked? let me know and let me know what cool Batman Gifts you have in your collection.