Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Spiritual & Paid Candles

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s almost time for us to celebrate our favorite Superheroes. This week I’ll highlight a few gift guides from my favorite Boutique to give you a few recommendations for your favorite Lady.

First on my list of Boutiques is Spiritual & Paid – The Metaphysical Glam Boutique. You guys know I love crystals and this Boutique combines crystals with candles. When I tell you they are absolutely STUNNING… Listen, don’t take my word for it just take a peek at the pictures below:

Manifest That Ish Candle – Manifest your big dreams and goals with this Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Candle.

Money Moves Candle – The ultimate prosperity candle to help you make all of your money moves, infused with citrine and tiger’s eye crystals.

This Metaphysical Glam Boutique is the Chanel store of Metaphysical Boutiques. They have everything from Gorgeous Crystals to magically infused Body care. YES, you know I purchased ALL of their body butters. They are super thick, creamy, and glide on so smooth, the crystal-shaped lotion bar is an added bonus as well! You can also purchase the intention oil to accompany the body butter for a sweet combo.

Love Spell Body Butter with Rose Quartz-shaped lotion bar.

Love Spell Magical Intention Oil – used to attract new love, and turn up the flames in a current love situation. Infused with red rose buds& pink rose leaves and jasmine flowers.

The most awesome thing about this Boutique is they release new limited-edition candles almost every Sunday. So make sure you’re signed up to their social media account to know when they drop new releases. I”m pretty sure they are going to have something super magical and gorgeous for Mother’s Day so don’t miss out.

Check out a sneak peek of my small (BUT GROWING 😉) collection –

Tiffany’s Spiritual & Paid Candle Collection

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