What’s Your Rolling Tray Type?

We ALL know that no Stoner Kit is complete without a Rolling Tray.  Of course, there are many alternatives that you can use to crush, roll and store your smoking supplies; however, let’s face it you didn’t spend all of that money on your cannabis to crush it on a shoebox.  

You can find all kinds of rolling trays in the market. Some are small enough to carry around, You can take them with you on trips and roll a joint on the go. Then, there are some that have fancy features like compartments for storing all your smoking paraphernalia.

Here is a list of our Stiletto Stonerz Rolling Trays, read below to see which one is a perfect fit for you

Stiletto Stonerz Pro Rolling Tray

Our chic All-In-One Pro Rolling Tray includes slots to hold your grinder, mini stash jar, and ashtray.  If you’re the type of Beauty that likes everything organized, then this is the perfect tray for you. 

Stiletto Stonerz Glass Rolling Tray

Keep your sessions neat and clean with this glass beauty.  Perfect for the Ladies who like to smoke classy! Even if you’re not rolling your cannabis, these trays can blend well with your household decor. 

Stiletto Stonerz Crest Rolling Tray

Are you a proud member of the Stiletto Stonerz Pretty Pothead Society? Show your love with our simple yet sleek rolling tray.  Just big enough to fit comfortably on your lap, yet small enough to store in a discreet area. 

Let us know which one is your favorite! 

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