Stoner Mom Gift Guide 💕 – Stiletto Stonerz Boutique

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and we’re super excited 💕!   This year and every year moving forward we want to make sure that our Stoner Moms are being celebrated and appreciated.

What better way to celebrate our favorite stoner heroes than with showering with love and gifts.  We’ve put together a gift guide of some of our favorite products from Stiletto Stonerz Boutique for your favorite Lady Stoner (or yourself): 

Stiletto Stonerz Joint Ring Holders

One of Stiletto Stonerz Boutique BEST SELLING products.  No more smelly fingers with this beauty.  Enjoy a joint hands-free while you read, drink, text, etc)

THC Molecule Earrings

Take your fashion to a new HIGH a realistic representation of a THC molecule.  A secret for Real Stoners ONLY!  

Stiletto Stonerz HIGH Heel Lighter –

For our Beautiez who are SHOE LOVERS! The HIGH Heel lighter is a replica of the Louboutin “So Kate” Heel.  Light up in style with this beauty.

The Perfect Joint Rolling Set

This custom bundle is for our Beautiez who want to save time rolling up or just don’t know how to.  The bundle includes everything you need to roll the perfect joint.     

Stiletto Stonerz “TIFFANY’S” Rolling Set

This gorgeous set is for our HIGH Fashion Beautiez.  Inspired by Stiletto Stonerz Boutique Owner and her favorite classy products.

Still not sure what to get? Don’t forget to check out Stiletto Stonerz Boutique Gift Cards and let them decide. ☺️

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