5 Tasty Snacks that Elevate Your High!

So I’m planning my first Annual Stiletto Stonerz “Puffin Pretty” Fest 💕 (super excited & nervous by the way) and I’m working on my munchie menu (aka my snack menu). Now, aside from the Must Have edibles I also wanted a few snacks on deck to help elevate and maintain the positive effects of cannabis.

I had to sit back (and smoke) to think of all the times that I’ve smoked and had some snacks after that helped take me to another level. I’m going, to be honest, this was a bit tough because let’s be real I wasn’t keeping track LMFAO! All I know for certain is if I smoke and drink some milk then I’m on cloud 10, not 9 😩😩😩😩! However, with the help of Google and some experimenting, I was able to get 5 tasty snacks that will help elevate your HIGH! 💨

Mangos 🥭 – High levels of myrcene terpenes found in this yummy fruit ~allegedly~ bind with your THC receptors. This helps the effects of cannabis come on more quickly, and last longer.  I grabbed my Juicy Jay Mango-flavored rolling papers with a bowl of Mango Chow (I’m West Indian – sometimes we add spices to our Mangos) to put this to the test. I must stay I definitely felt higher after smoking and eating my bowl of mango chow. *could have been the loud tho 😂).

Tea 🫖– I LOVE myself a cup of tea it doesn’t matter the time of day, shit I may go make some Tea right now (it’s 11pm 😩)! It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold I LOVE MY TEA💕! It’s just something about tea that I just love (blame my Granddaddy) and of course, I always have a spliff with my cup of tea. One thing for certain, many wake and bakes have turned into a full morning nap due to that combo. According to science, one of the antioxidants found in many teas works some extra magic called catechin. This antioxidant works with weed’s various cannabinoids to relax our brain’s receptors into a peaceful state.

Broccoli (with Cheese) 🥦 – Don’t forget that cheese remember what I said about Milk earlier LMFAO! Just kidding this vegetable works wonders on its own. Now, the benefits are in broccoli’s betas. The beta caryophyllenes inside this green veggie have been shown to reduce physical pain and inflammation. They work their magic by teaming up with the cannabinoids found in cannabis. If you’re not a fan of cheese you can always grab some ranch dip!

Sweet Potatoes 🍠 – ok hear me out, I ate some Boston Market one day, I had their sweet potato casserole and I swear on everything out of nowhere I started to hear Teddy Pendergrass “TKO” and the rest is history. Sweet potatoes are full of Vitamin E & B. Both vitamins have big impacts on your serotonin and so does Weed! 😉 Cannabinoids found in cannabis also have an influence on serotonin production. So don’t pass on those sweet potato fries next time!

Chocolate 🍫 – Of course, I couldn’t leave this off my list (Milk remember LMFAO). Chocolate contains a compound called anandamide, which creates a euphoric feeling upon consumption. This compound also is found in cannabis, so when the two are paired together, your brain receptors get hit with a bomb combo. I guess that’s why chocolate brownie edibles are stoner’s fans’ favorite.

What are some of your favorites? I’d love to try them out!