5 Awesome Ashtrays to Upgrade Your Smoking Collection

I’m VERY picky when it comes to my ashtrays; I think I spoiled myself back in 2004 when I when to Amsterdam and got my first dope ass ashtray. The ironic thing about it is I think that was the first ashtray that I ever brought myself 😩. Before that, I always smoked outside so there wasn’t really a need for me to purchase one. However, I can honestly say, since that purchase I’ve held my ashtrays to a very high standard.

*my very first ashtray that I purchased in Amsterdam back in 2004 – she’s a bit run down but holding up pretty well*

Of course, ashtrays come in many styles, colors, and designs, however, my favorites are either vintage or classy/stylish ashtrays. I like for my ashtrays to serve as home decor when they are not in use. I want them to be adaptable and add an element of style to my smoking space. Hey, I can’t be the only person that likes to use my ashtrays to hold little items like small jewels, crystals, coins, etc.

Here are a few stoner girl ashtray designs I’m loving these days. Treat yourself, or your stoner bestie. Let me know in the comments below which ashtray design you like the best.

Stiletto Stonerz Boutique Retro Radio Ashtray: despite her appearance, she is in fact an ashtray. This beauty is gorgeous enough to decorate your space while storing your ashes.

Egyptian Pyramid Ashtray (Etsy): I LOVE LOVE LOVE Egyptian History so naturally I MUST HAVE this ashtray. This unique pyramid ashtray adds the perfect element of elegance and style to your smoking space.

Vintage Elephant Ashtray (Etsy): This is is very similar to the Egyptian Pyramid Ashtray quality-wise but different design. Many believe Elephants bring good luck, so grab this beauty to bring some good vibes to your loud packs!

Blunted Objects Flower Ashtray: This is probably one of the coolest ashtrays I’ve seen – the petals detach into five separate mini ashtrays so your guests can sit back, relax and smoke with their own ashtray nearby.

Tetra Planet Ashtray: super simple yet chic, and it’s blue! 💙 it sort of reminds me of a futuristic ashtray. Something that you will find in a stoner’s home in the year 2055! You know what, as a lover of Sci-Fi this is something I totally can see a stoner alien using. 😂

Happy Shopping Beautiez