Sad Stoner Girl Spotify Playlist

Yesterday was pretty rough on me mentally 😫, I wouldn’t say I was down and out or anything but I wasn’t myself. I wasn’t in the mood to really do anything, I was a bit stuck on worrying about what the future holds for myself and my company. I couldn’t help getting nervous (REAL NERVOUS) but I manifested and Thanked the Universe for bringing me this far and where it’s going to take me.

Sometimes a spliff just isn’t enough to help me get back into my right state of mind. The Pisces in me needed some music. Music just does something to my soul – once I hear the beat, any beat my mind just drifts away. The combo of cannabis and music just gives a burst of energy through my insides, like it’s lighting the fire inside me that was trying to extinguish itself. πŸ”₯

Anyway enough about my love for music, I wanted to share one of my playlists that I love to blast on my days when I’m not feeling myself. Unfortunately, these are not slow sad songs as the title may lead you to believe. These songs are to remind you that you are a Bad Bitch and can take over every and anything that you put your mind to! We are our own worst critics, it’s time we learn to be our own cheerleaders. Play this playlist on LOUD and sing out as loud as my weed! 😁😁😁😁

I hope you enjoyed my Sad Stoner Girl playlist and it helped get you out of your funk and remind you of the Bad Bitch that you are. πŸ’•