Amazon Favorites – Small Business Supplies Edition

Owning and running a small business can be an absolute beat down 😩and EXPENSE! When I was starting Stiletto Stonerz LLC and searching for business supplies of course Amazon was the first place I looked. Well, let me take that back since I was on an extreme budget the Dollar General Store was my first stop, then Amazon🤷🏽‍♀️. Hey, don’t sleep on the Dollar General Store, I stocked up on office supplies (folders, pens, notebooks, tape, etc.), printing papers, tissue/crinkle paper and so much more.

Anyway, recently while I was restocking some of my business/office supplies and I figured I’d share a few of the products that I purchased on Amazon that I felt were essential for me setting up my Small Business office. Hey you never know, this could be helpful to another Small Business Owner out there, especially one that’s on a budget.

3 Ring Binder Notebook: I use my 3 ring binder to hold my folders and important documents, the ones that are not saved on my MacBook. I got a plain one from Amazon and decorated it with my company stickers to spice it up a bit. My binder is like my Company Bible and I keep it right on my office desk, so I wanted to make sure it matched the decor of my office (and my girly personality of course).

Click HERE to get your company binder.

DYMO Portable Label Maker: Man I LOVE this thing, I use it to make labels for my office supplies and product packaging. It’s super quick and easy to use comes with multiple options for fonts and symbols so I could customize my labels. They also have some pretty dope colors for the label tape so you can assign colors to your labels (I use pink, blue, and green when labeling my folders 💖).

Click HERE to get your DYMO!

Thermal Printer: This was probably one of the BEST investments that I’ve made for my business. Printing Shipping Labels are a HUGE breeze and save me tons of time from standing in line at the post office. The best thing about it, it doesn’t run out of ink. I couldn’t imagine the amount of time I would have had to restock up on printer ink from printing shipping labels alone. Trust me when I say this is a MUST HAVE for all business owners running an e-commerce business.

Click HERE to get your Thermal Printer.

Thermal Printing Paper: It’s only right to grab some thermal printer paper to go along with your printer. Amazon has some great deals so I made sure to stock up on a few packs.

Stock up on paper HERE

Shipping Scale: Trust me when I say, USPS plays no games when you enter the incorrect weight for your packages. Save yourself the trouble and sanity and get a shipping scale to ensure you have the correct weight for your packages. We do not want any reason to delay a customer’s package – Thank Me Later!

Get your Shipping Scale HERE

Pink Poly Mailers: Aside from my custom poly mailers I wanted to get some plain pink poly mailers for more discreet shipping. I was able to luck up on these super cute pink ones for a good deal on Amazon. They also come in a variety of sizes that you can choose from. Good stretch, lightweight, and water-resistant & a GREAT DEAL!

Click HERE for your pink poly mailers.

Dry Erase Board: My dry erase board is a HUGE help when I need to jot down some quick reminders, post upcoming projects, inventory updates, memos, and more. It’s the perfect size to leave on my desk near my MacBook.

Grab your dry erase board HERE

Dry Erase Board Markers: I also grabbed some extra markers for my dry erase board since it only came with three. I needed more variety when it came to color options. This set was perfect.

Get your markers HERE

Cash Box: I absolutely LOVE this cash box, it’s able to hold all my essentials (coin rolls, receipt book, cellphone, wallets & more) along with my cash when I am doing Pop Up Shops events and handling cash orders.

Grab your Cash Box HERE

I hope my list was able to help you get an idea of what essentials you will need for your new business, UGH I wish we had business showers instead of baby showers so our friends could gift us with these items LMFAO 😂. Until then it’s Amazon to the rescue!

I also encourage all Small Business Owners to sign up for Amazon Business, they have tons of great deals and offers that you won’t want to miss out on (trust me you’ll need them). Once your budget allows you can then sign up for Amazon Business Prime!

Stay tuned for my next Amazon Favorites list – I’ll be doing Office Decor.