Amazon Favorites – Office Decor Edition

If you’re like me then you spend about 10 or more hours a day inside of your Home Office. Don’t judge me I’m working on fixing that, I’ll be working outside from my pool in the backyard soon! When I started building my Home Office I wanted to make sure it reflected my girly girl personality, a bit of my stoner vibe, and be fun, vibrant, and motivating. Let’s be real, we would all go mad looking at plain ol’ bland walls and black accessories all day long! UGH! 😩

Of course, as always I was on Amazon looking for more items to add to my office decor collection and spice some things up. I also wanted to share a few Office Decor MUST-HAVES that will help bring some beauty to your office space. Now, I must say not all of these items are budget-friendly. When I’m decorating I sort of go with what I love (and catches my eye) as opposed to what is cost-friendly.

Desk Pad: I’m super clumsy so this is a huge plus for me. Durable and waterproof, the perfect cover pad to protect my mouse and my desk. Also adds a nice look and feel to your desk.

Click HERE to get your desk pad.

Pink Shoe Cell Phone Holder: Y’all know I LOVE my HIGH Heels! I use my Shoe Cell Phone Holder for either my cell phone or business cards. This beauty will definitely bring some attention to your office space.

Click HERE to get your HIGH Heel Holder!

5 Piece Desk Organizer: Not much to say for this but holds my folders and office supplies and looks stunning. Perfect for holding my Company binder, folder, pens, business cards, and more.

Click HERE to get your 5 Piece Desk Organizer

Folders: I usually get my folders from the Dollar General Store but these were just TOO ADORABLE to pass up, plus they blended perfectly with my office decor. They also come with cute messages and motivation on them!

Grab your folders HERE

Wall Decor: I love to look up and see an inspirational or motivational message to keep me going. These canvases are the perfect pieces to add to your walls and bring your office to life! Bonus: It’s a 2 for 1 deal, Inspirational Message + Cute Wall Decor = Happiness!

9 Piece Wall Art – HERE

Globe Wall Art HERE

Tissue Box: No need to explain, as Small Business Owners we’ve all had our days! Some days are GREAT and some days we have our meltdowns. I like to keep a cute Tissue Box on my desk for those rough days!

wipe your tears with this Tissue Box HERE

Wall Clock: Even though I have the time on my MacBook and iPhone I still catch myself looking up at ol’ faithful. Even if you are not a fan of wall clocks you must admit they always add a bit of class to your walls!

Click HERE for your Wall Clock

Boss Lady Name Plate: It’s super cute and gives me a reminder of who I am! 😍It’s a MUST HAVE for all my Boss Ladies!

Boss Babes click HERE

Faux Fur Luxury Rug: My home office isn’t big but I wanted to add a bit of luxury to spice it up. I got this super cute faux fur rug that I layout in front of my desk. It adds a perfect touch of class to my office decor.

Get your faux fur rug HERE

Were you able to get some good ideas on how to decorate your Home Office? Let us know if you have any MUST-HAVES that we may have left off our list. We are always decorating and would love some suggestions.