New York Craft Cann🍁bis Cup 2021

What an AMAZING time for the HEMPIRE STATE (New York State), We are FINALLY getting our first version of the Cannabis Cup and I couldn’t be more excited! 😉 New York Cultivators/Farmers/Growers finally get a chance to show everyone what the Big Apple has to offer the Cannabis Industry.  

Three categories: Indica, Sativa & Hybrid to be judged by Smokers 😱.  Now, of course, we are super happy that this event is finally coming to our state, BUT we are even more excited to announce that we will be judges for the event. 

This has always been a low-key dream of mine, to be a judge at one of the Cannabis Cups.  You can’t imagine how pumped I am to be participating as a judge. 💖😱 So here are the details – 

  • We will pretty much be getting 25 mystery stains, we won’t know the strain names or growers.  
  • We will get 1g of each strain and will have 10 days to test each one. 
  • We will be judging: Scent/Smell, Taste and Effect. 

Check out their Instagram page for more information @NYCCC.21

All Cultivators/Growers Entry Fee is due 6/30 for entry so HURRY UP! Bring your BEST because these lungs of steel are NOT to be played with! 

Of course, I will be documenting my judging experience here and on my Stiletto Stonerz Blog.  So stay tuned.  Hope to see you there! 💨💨💨