Stiletto Stonerz Pot Girl Summer 👙Spotify Playlist

SUMMERTIME will be here before you know it! I’m super excited to enjoy my favorite season this year. Especially now that the world is opening back up and slowly returning to normal (well, as normal as possible). While many will be celebrating a “Hot Girl Summer”, I will be celebrating a “Pot Girl Summer”! 💖. Hanging with my Goodie Sorority, Pop Up Shops, Brunches, Smoking Joints, BBQs, Smoking more joints, and more! 💨

Now, I haven’t been outside since March of 2020 so I had to get my Pot Girl Summer playlist going and work on the knees! 😆 Let’s be real I know I’m not the only one that forgot how to drop it low and GET BACK UP! 😩😩. This has to be one of my favorite playlists that I’ve put together so far. My Pot Girl Playlist is a collection of some of my favorite jams that I love to party and smoke too! There have been a few times that I’ve had to stop what I was doing and just enjoy the vibes!

*CAUTION* Before you listen to this playlist, I HIGHLY advise that you do a slight stretch because I don’t want to hear Cheeba you have me sore as hell from dancing too much!😆

I hope you had a blast listening to my Pot Girl Summer playlist and it helped get you to get ready for an AMAZING SUMMER! 💖