Vice Ray Sunglasses ๐Ÿ˜Ž – Store Your Joints In Style!

Of course, we all know I’m super excited for this Summer! New York City is opening back up and Cannabis is LEGAL ๐Ÿ˜ƒ; I can enjoy a joint anywhere cigarette are allowed! YAY! I love to take long walks so it’s great that I can puff a joint while taking a stroll! Anyway, recently I ran across this super dope preroll storage case on Instagram that left me pretty speechless. What made this preroll case so special…check them out below:

*Moon Rock Matte*

You didn’t expect that one did ya? Vice Rays Sunglasses are designed with hidden storage space for my preroll joints! How amazing is that? I couldn’t believe my eyes, I definitely had to purchase one, and trust me when I tell you they are money well spent. These beauties are definitely up there with my favorite sunglasses. I am able to store .5g joints in each arm, so I pretty much use these glasses for my mini joints (1 1/4 size papers).

I’m not big on being the center of attention however, I brace myself and prepare for the flood when I remove the arm off my sunglasses and take my joint out! ๐Ÿ˜Ž It’s pretty awesome to see the look of amazement on people’s faces. Shieeeeet, I LOVED my sunglasses so much I had to another pair in a different style to add to my collection. My first pair is more for my laid-back days and my new pair is a bit more stylish so I could use those for when I’m going out.

*Hazy Tort*

I HIGHLY recommended these sunglasses for my CannaFam! However, just a quick disclaimer: as mentioned above these glasses only fit .5g joints; the length and width of a rolled dollar bill. If you are looking to stash your king-sized rolling papers then I would suggest the Stiletto Stonerz Preroll Case. Also, you may need to flatten out your joint a bit just to make sure it won’t get stuck in the arm of the sunglasses. Other than that these Sunglasses are absolutely a MUST HAVE!

Don’t forget to sign up for their email/text marketing for up to 15% OFF. I used my sign-up discount to get my first pair and then I used my product review discount to get my second pair! Don’t let those discounts and amazing sunglasses go to waste! visit Vice Rays TODAY for your pair!