Shang-Chi Trailer – YES I’M EXCITED!

Marvel released trailer # 2 (first full trailer) for Shang-Chi and it looks A-MAZING! We got our first look at the Rings in action, a Dragon who I assumed was Fin Fang Foom ( but he’s being labeled as the Protector so I’ll have to figure that one out), and FINALLY, The Abomination whom I haven’t seen since The Incredible Hulk 😱. I must say who looks WAY BETTER and more comic book accurate this time around. Man Listen, I’m super excited to see this movie, the fight scenes look super badass!

Hey, was that Wong at the Fight Club 😆😆😆!

I can’t hold back my excitement anymore, below is the trailer and a few breakdowns from my favorite YouTubers:

*Trailer provided by Marvel Entertainment*

A breakdown from Emergency Awesome

A breakdown from Heavy Spoilers

A breakdown from Screencrush

A breakdown from New Rockstars

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this movie!