New York Craft Cannabis Cup 2021: Judges Edition (Day 1)

Listen up! I’ve been waiting for this day all Summer, OK!!!😎  The New York Craft Cannabis Cup 2021 is officially underway.  I’m super excited to announce that I am one of the judges for the Indica Strains category.  Many of my favorite strains are indica (Pink Rozay, Zkittles, Death Star, etc.) so of course, I had to pick that category.  Next year, I’ll be judging the hybrid category to see what heat they will bring.  

For the indica category, I’ll be blind reviewing 16 different strain samples.  They won’t have any labels so I’ll be going off appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect.  Since my scores will need to remain secret, I won’t be revealing my favorite strain until after the event.  Also, there are 16 different strains that I will need to review by September 23rd (judge’s results are due), so I will be reviewing 2 strain samples per day. 😋


I don’t think I can express the excitement I had when I arrived at Harlem Farms to pick up my judges kit 😩🤩. Their spot was so beautiful, laid back and chill I was ready to take out the preroll I had in my pocket and light it up. However, I had a long train ride back to Brooklyn so I just had to grab and go. However, I can’t wait for the actual event to go back and have a great time and meet some of the contestants. As soon as I got back home I laid out all of my strain samples to take a quick look and sniff test to see if anything jumped out at me. A few of them definitely did BUT I won’t tell you who! 🤣 Remember it’s a secret for now! 😉

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! I didn’t go in numerical order, I just randomly selected a number and went from there. 📝

The first strain that I started off with was Sample #15 🔎

Appearance – Not too dense, more on the fluffy side, has a spongy feel to it when I gave the bud a slight squeeze. Nice green color with a light spread of orange hairs and a light coating of trichome. I’m not too impressed with the manicure/trim tho 🤔.

Aroma: This sample had a pretty potent aroma. When I first opened the pop-top I felt like it was more of a fruity/berry aroma. However, after breaking down my nugget and smelling it again I got a more pine aroma the second time. UGH I hope my nose wasn’t playing tricks on me 😩. Anyway, the piney terpenes were definitely talking to me with this one.

Flavor: Once I took my first pull I automatically tasted the piney aroma that I smelled while rolling up. I was very happy that the taste matched the smell, I’m not a very nice person when the taste doesn’t match the smell LOL 🤷🏽‍♀️. Great taste when I inhaled and exhaled as well.

Effects: I was extremely happy with the effects of this strain sample. After I smoked this strain I was super relaxed but still very alert. Despite smoking this strain sample, for my wake & bake, I was still able to get a lot of work done today and still run my errands. Usually after my wake & bake it’s either one or the other 😩.

Next up is Sample #5 🔎 –

Appearance – She’s definitely a Beauty! Gorgeous green with a deep purple hue and orange hairs. Nice and dense with a beautiful manicure/trim. This sample strain was a bit harder than sample #15, as previously mentioned that was a bit more fluffy with a spongy feel. Nice decent coating of trichome as well, not too much not too little.

Aroma: This sample strain wasn’t as potent as sample #15. Honestly, I couldn’t really narrow down the smell. After I broke down this batch up I did get a very faint sweet smell however, like I mentioned before I couldn’t really narrow it down.

Flavor: Despite not having much of an aroma, this sample strain was actually pretty good. That first pull definitely hit me 😩. This strain also had a great taste when I inhaled and exhaled.

Effects: I loved the effects of this strain sample. I wasn’t as alert as I was with sample #15 but it didn’t knock me out. I had a nice euphoric high 😋 after a while I was somewhat ready for a nap but I was still up and moving around. I can definitely say if I was judging the Sativa competition Mr. Sandman would have paid me a visit. 😩😴

Well, that’s it for Day 1 of my New York Craft Cannabis Cup reviews, make sure you check back tomorrow for my review on my next two strain samples😋. I had an amazing day today, I felt great throughout the day and got a lot of things done. I’m super excited to see what the next two strains bring tomorrow. I’m going to go record my scores for these two strains, watch an episode of Power: Raising Kanan then get ready for bed.