New York Craft Cannabis Cup 2021: Judges Edition (Day 2)

Hey Peeps 😘, We’re BACK for Day 2 of our New York Craft Cannabis Cup – Judges Edition. As a reminder, I’ll be blind reviewing 16 different strain samples.  They won’t have any labels so I’ll be going off appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect.  Since my scores will need to remain secret, I won’t be revealing my favorite strain until after the event.  Also, there are 16 different strains that I will need to review by September 23rd (judges’ results are due), so I will be reviewing 2 strain samples per day. 😋

New York Craft Cannabis Cup 2021 Judges Kit – Indica

Now, let’s pick back up from where we left off yesterday! Today I decided to go with strain samples #1 and #8.💨

The first strain that I started off with Today was Sample #8 🔎

Appearance – This strain was a bit fluffy but also dry (not sure if that made sense lol). Basically based on the pics above it wasn’t dense or tight. It did have a fluffy look to it but when I gave it a gentle squeeze between my fingers it started to crumble. Y’all know I love for my nuggets to have a slightly spongy feel. I wasn’t too impressed with the manicure/trim 🧐, however, I’ve learned to not judge a book by its cover. Despite being slightly dry the nugget did have a nice green color with a light spreading of orange hairs and trichomes.

Aroma: No overbearing smell, I was able to pick up on a slight aroma but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Similar to strain sample #5 the terpenes just weren’t talking to me much with this one. Or maybe they were and I just missed it 😩. After I ground up the nugget a bit I tried to see if that would help but I still couldn’t narrow down the scent.

Flavor: Very pleasant taste on the inhale and exhale. I was trying to see if I could guess the aroma by the taste but again no avail. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Effects: Remember I said I don’t like to judge a book by its cover 😩🤣, well this strain definitely proved why I don’t like to do that! The hits were nice and hard, I felt very relaxed and was in a GREAT MOOD😆! I couldn’t tell you guys how overjoyed I was Today. I was just a ball of love floating around on cloud 9 💖 I wouldn’t be surprised if the name of this strain was “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” 😃

Next up is Sample #1 🔎 –

Appearance – Let me tell you this, strain sample #1 did NOT come to play baby👏🏽! She looked like she just left the cannabis spa 😩 she was nice and dense and her manicure/trim was on point. Beautiful green color with a purple hue and orange hairs. Nice spongy feel, not too dry. Decent coating of trichome as well, not too much not too little.

Aroma: OK this one was a bit iffy to me, I felt like this strain had an aroma similar to thyme. Once I ground up this batch I got a similar aroma to my spice rack. I hope that makes sense 😩 it was like a certain spice is trying to overpower the thyme aroma but I couldn’t tell. The terpenes were definitely telling me spice tho, just not which one 😩.

Flavor: The taste matched the aroma, which was a good sign. This strain also had a great taste when I inhaled and exhaled. Also, quick note, since this strain had a bit of a spice aroma to it, I smoked it with my Juicy Jays Marshmallow rolling papers for a little sugar & spice hit. It was actually pretty good, the yummy taste of the marshmallow papers and the hard hits of spices was definitely a great combo.

Effects: Ok now here is the deal, I definitely got a pleasant and laid-back high from this strain sample. The hits were nice and hard. I was extremely alert, and my mind was super focused. I decided to meditate since my mind was alert and clear. While I was meditating I was literally seeing the things I wanted to manifest, it was so incredible. This is definitely a strain I would love to smoke on my days when I’m doing yoga/meditation.🧘🏽‍♀️

Well, that’s it for Day 2 of my New York Craft Cannabis Cup reviews, make sure you check back tomorrow for my review on my next two strain samples😋. Today was another GREAT day, and I’m super excited to see what tomorrow brings. I’m off to go record my scores for these two strains and finish up reading my Green Lantern – Rebirth graphic novel.