New York Craft Cannabis Cup 2021: Judges Edition (Day 3)

Did ya miss me?😩 It’s Day 3 of our New York Craft Cannabis Cup – Judges Edition, and let me tell you Today’s strain samples BROUGHT THE HEAT🔥 As a reminder, I’ll be blind reviewing 16 different strain samples.  They won’t have any labels so I’ll be going off appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect.  Since my scores will need to remain secret, I won’t be revealing my favorite strain until after the event.  Also, there are 16 different strains that I will need to review by September 23rd (judges’ results are due), so I will be reviewing 2 strain samples per day. 😋

Quick note – I’ll be using my Kreaky Rolling Papers for this round of reviews 😉. They’re actually a sponsor for the Craft Cannabis Cup as well! So of course we had to give them a shout-out! 💖

Now, let’s pick back up from where we left off yesterday! Today I decided to review strain samples #16 and #14.💨

The first strain that I started off with Today was Sample #16 🔎

Appearance – This strain was actually pretty gorgeous 😍She had a very beautiful green color with a deep purple hue and flaming orange hairs all over. She was a bit dense but still had some fluff to her. Nice spongy feeling when I gave her a gentle squeeze. I wasn’t too impressed with the manicure/trim. However, she had a decent coating of trichomes – I was actually pretty happy with the coating of trichomes on this one.

Aroma: As soon as I opened the pop-top I got a blast of a sweet fruity aroma. Once I ground up the nugget I got more of a potent berry smell. The terpenes were giving me fruity pebbles! 😋

Flavor: The sweet aroma matched the taste 😋😋 very pleasant hits on the inhale and exhale. Since this had a fruity aroma I smoked one of the joints with my Juicy Jays Strawberry 🍓rolling papers for that extra fruity blast. I was able to get the sweet strawberry taste on my lips while getting the sweet fruity aroma through the smoke.

Effects: The hits were very yummy and they hit hard. I was very focused, my mind wasn’t racing however, I was in deep thought. Oh, and I caught a serious munchies attack 😫.

Next up is Sample #14 🔎 –

Appearance – Another strain sample that DID NOT COME TO PLAY👏🏽! Gorgeous green color with flaming orange hairs. She was dense but still had some fluff to her, crazy that I did not think of this before. However, once I ground up this nugget I felt like it got a bit more fluff to it 🧐. Nice spongy feel when I gave it a gentle squeeze and the manicure/.trim was on point. I was also very happy with the coating of trichomes on this one.

Aroma: I feel like as soon as I opened my pop-top I got hit with a pine aroma. Once I broke down the nugget the aroma became more potent. I feel like this strain sample aroma was slightly similar to strain sample #15.

Flavor: I was able to taste the pine aroma while I was smoking. My pulls were hitting hard however, they were also a bit smooth. Similar to the other strain samples very pleasant taste on the inhale and exhale.

Effects: As previously mentioned, these hits were hard and smooth. I had a nice, relaxed high. I wasn’t as alert as I was with other strain samples, however, this strain put me in a mood to kick my feet up and read my comics. As opposed to taking notes and running errands🤷🏽‍♀️. This is probably a strain I would smoke when I’m chilling, catching up on new comics, and/or watching Easter egg YouTube videos. 😩

Well, that’s it for Day 3 of my New York Craft Cannabis Cup reviews, make sure you check back tomorrow for my review on my next two strain samples😋. Today was another amazing day, these two strain samples definitely brought the fire🔥. I’m off to go record my scores for these two strains and prepare for the weekend. I hope you guys have some great plans. You know what I’ll be doing… reviewing strain samples #’s … and …👀

Stay tuned💖