New York Craft Cannabis Cup 2021: Judges Edition (Day 6)

Well Peeps we are down to our final 3 days! I must say Today was one of my favorite days judging. I was definitely on cloud 9 all-day Today. We are BACK for Day 6 of our New York Craft Cannabis Cup – Judges Edition. As a reminder, I’ll be blind reviewing 16 different strain samples.  They won’t have any labels so I’ll be going off appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect.  Since my scores will need to remain secret, I won’t be revealing my favorite strain until after the event.  Also, there are 16 different strains that I will need to review by September 23rd (judges’ results are due), so I will be reviewing 2 strain samples per day. 😋

Strain Sample #4

Now, let’s pick back up from where we left off yesterday! Today I decided to go with strain samples #4 and #9.💨

The first strain that I started off with Today was Sample #4 🔎

Appearance – What a BEAUTY 😍! Trust me when I tell you this was one beautiful strain sample. Gorgeous green color with FLAMING orange hairs (you see it 😉) OMG I was in LOVE! Nice and decent manicure/trim with a decent coating of trichomes. She had a nice spongy feel to her when I gave her a gentle squeeze, not too dry. The colors and trichomes were nice and vibrant once I grounded her up.

Aroma: No overbearing smell, I got a very faint pine scent when I took the strain sample out of the pop-top. After I grounded her up I could smell the pine aroma a little bit more, however it was still very faint.

Flavor: Very pleasant taste when I inhaled and exhaled. I could taste a bit of the pine aroma on the smoke. This strain was actually pretty yummy, I didn’t even bother to try it with any of my flavored rolling papers.

Effects: The hits were hard yet smooth with this strain sample. I really enjoyed this high, I felt super relaxed and wavy. I felt like I was floating on my way to FedEx 🤣. Once I got back home I made a snack, got in my big favorite comfy chair, and watched some TV. I was feeling pretty great.

Next up is Sample #9 🔎 –

Appearance – Ok so I was a bit on the fence about this strain sample. I sometimes get nervous when I see nuggets this tight and dense. I automatically assume “PGR” – however, I could be wrong (I hope I’m wrong 😩). At first glance, the strain sample looked a bit dry, however after I gave her a gentle squeeze she did have a slightly spongy feel. She had a decent green color with a light spread of orange hairs. There was a very light spread of trichomes, I could barely see them. Despite being super tight once I grounded she had some nice color. The manicure/trim was ok but as mentioned before I was a little suspect.

Aroma: As soon as I opened the pop-top I got hit with a lavender aroma. It actually reminded me of Lavender Fabulous 😩. Once I grounded her up the lavender scent definitely became more potent.

Flavor: I was actually quite surprised by the taste of this strain sample. I enjoyed the taste when I inhaled and exhaled, I definitely tasted the lavender aroma while smoking. I won’t lie I was pretty happy with this one, I could have sworn that I tasted a small hint of mint when I exhaled🤔.

Effects: Nice, hard-refreshing hits with this strain sample. I got a pretty good high from this one. I wasn’t floating around as much as I was earlier today but I felt pretty relaxed. My mind was clear and I was in a good mood.

Well, that’s it for Day 6 of my New York Craft Cannabis Cup reviews, we are now down to our last 4 strain samples. Make sure you check back tomorrow for my review on my next two strain samples😋. I’m off to go record my scores for these two strains and get ready for bed. Have a great night Canna-Fam!