New York Craft Cannabis Cup 2021: Judges Edition – WINNERS & FAVORITES!

Now, y’all know damn well I needed a break after those 8 days of hard azz smoking😩so I’m not apologizing for any delays🤣. As promised I’m back with the winners and my personal favorites from the New York Craft Cannabis Cup. Over the course of 8 days, I smoked some amazing strain samples and reviewed them based on their appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect.  I was honored to be a part of this Cannabis Cup and I hope to be included in many many more.

Well, enough of me rambling let’s get to the winners and my top 3 personal favorites. Below is the official winners’ list provided by New York Craft Cannabis Cup/Harlem Farms:

First Place Winner goes to Strain Sample #7 – Raspberry Beret by City Slickers Genetics

Second Place goes to Strain Sample #14 – Romulan by Life of Trees NYC

Third Place goes to Strain Sample #2 – Reeses by Grind Canna Bisco

My Personal Favorites:

Congratulations to the Top 3 growers who placed in the competition. Unfortunately, only one of my favorites made the Top 3 🤯🤔. Now, I must say in regards to the winner Strain Sample #7. When I first opened all the pop-tops this one was the strongest and that’s why I saved it for last. However, the effects just weren’t doing it for me. It wasn’t giving me the high that I expected to get🤷🏽‍♀️. Anyway, let’s get into my favorites.

My personal favorite (and winner in my book) was strain sample #2 – Reeses by Grind Canna Bisco. When I tell you I loved everything about this strain, from the appearance to the taste to the high that it gave me. I’m very surprised that it came it 3rd, I was expecting this strain sample to take either 1st or 2nd place.

My second favorite was strain sample #11 – Sheperd’s Pie by East Coast Cultivators. I was definitely loving this strain sample. The colors were so beautiful and the trichomes were sparkling like tiny diamonds. This yummy strain combined with my Juicy Jays Cotton Candy rolling papers was a match made in heaven. Boy was I in space with this baby. 😩😩😩

Last on my list of favorites was strain sample #16 – Purple Frosting by Grind Canna Bisco. As you can see the pattern here I love me some coco 😩. Anyway, this strain sample had a very gorgeous green and purple color with some FLAMING hairs. I absolutely loved the sweet aroma and taste from this strain. I definitely can’t remember which hit me harder, the super yummy hits or the munchies attack.🤔😋😋

I hope you guys enjoyed this amazing journey with me. Until the next Cannabis Cup, have a great one! 💖

and don’t forget to take a smoke break! 😉💨