5 Strains I’d enjoy while watching HBO’s ‘Insecure’. 📺

So, after a super (and I mean SUPER) long wait, one of my favorite shows has finally returned. Now, I know I’m not the only one that has been patiently awaiting the return of ‘Insecure’😳.  Listen, if you’re not a fan of this series, then we cannot be friends.  🤷🏽‍♀️

Yes, 👏🏽it’s👏🏽 that👏🏽 great!  

Anyway, the other day I came across this super dope article on Leafy where they discussed 7 strains to enjoy while watching HBO’s ‘Insecure’ (it was a pretty good read so, make sure you check it out). They had some pretty great strains on there. However, I wanted to add a few of my own.      

Below are five (5) strains that I’d enjoy while watching HBO’s ‘Insecure’: 

  •  Wedding Cake (aka Pink Cookies): Since I won’t be able to get any wedding bells when it comes to Issa & Lawerence I may as well enjoy this euphoric strain. This strain usually has me in a nice and relaxed state🧘🏽‍♀️.  I love to use this to mediate with, I definitely feel like this would have been a great strain for Molly & Issa to try during their wine-downs. 
  • Pink Berry: This sweet but heavy-hitting strain is one of my favorites. Definitely, a great strain to relax and clear your mind with before you start watching (or binge watching) episodes.  Fun Fact: I had to add this strain to my list because of Derrek’s dinner party episode (S2). During the dinner party, Issa’s brother mentioned that Issa’s neighborhood was becoming gentrified because they now had a Pink Berry. Which happened to replace the Popeyes. 😩😩😩
  •  Pineapple Train wreck: I’m definitely a fan of Trainwreck, however, I’m a HUGE fan of Pineapple Trainwreck. OMG 😱 , especially when I smoke it with my Juicy Jays Pineapple rolling papers. One of my favorite strains, always has me feeling super wavy. Anyway, this strain has helped me deal with the drama that Lawrence & Molly & Issa AND, Tiffany had me dealing with at the end of Season 4😑.
  • Unicorn TearsA MUST TRY just because of the name! Doesn’t it just scream MAGIC 🪄? This super sweet & fruity strain will definitely have me enjoying the endless jokes and shade that ‘Insecure’ delivers. An excellent strain to smoke with my Juicy Jays Bubblegum or Cotton Candy rolling papers.  
  • Super Glue: No, not the one that Molly & Issa needs to hold their friendship together😩🤣😩. I’m talking about that sweet strain that relaxes you while still leaving you functional and energetic. The perfect strain for a Girls Night while watching HBO’s ‘Insecure’.
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HBO’s Insecure Season 5

Are you ready for this Sunday’s episode?  What are some of the strains you would like to try out while watching?  Let me know, so I can add them to my list. We have 10 episodes to watch for this final season so I want to make sure I’m RET TO GO, OK!  

Credit: Leafy