‘And Just Like That…’ My heart is broken! 💔

OK, I must admit, when I found out ‘Sex and the City’ was doing a reboot and Samantha Jones ( Kim Cattrall) wouldn’t return I was a bit bummed. Despite Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) being my favorite character, I always felt Samantha made the show. Deep down I didn’t want to watch, I felt like the show was incomplete, however, I said eff it and watched the first two episodes.

WHO TOLD ME TO DO THAT? WHO? The heartbreak, stress, and pain those episodes caused me were unexplainable😩. I couldn’t believe Mr. Big (Chris Noth) finally broke Carrie’s heart for good. Shit, he broke my damn heart too! After six seasons of makeups and breakups, after leaving Carrie at the altar, he goes and dies in her arms When I say the writers cut me DEEP with that one 😢😭. I swear I loved Mr. Big more than Carrie did, I think I cursed her out about 10 times for not calling 911 for Mr. Big 😩. I’m not sure what made that scene more heartbreaking for me, it was either him waiting to see her one last time or the fact she had her wedding shoes on😢.

Now, there were some amazing and joyous moments for me while watching. Seeing Charlotte (Kristin Davis) with her two girls (Lily & Rose) and Harry (Evan Handler) was just heartwarming. It’s amazing to see how much the girls have grown, and how much Rose has taken after Harry 😩😩🤣. And who else is looking forward to Lily’s wardrobe this season? I know it’s not just me! Anyway, let’s discuss how Brady made me feel old AF😩. I mean he was just born a few seasons ago 🤣🤣🤣. I love the fact that he has Miranda’s (Cynthia Nixon) old sex drive 😩🤣😩.

Samantha’s presence is definitely missed, I wanted to see her growth along with the rest of the Girls. I also didn’t like the way they wrote her off, the London job and Carrie firing her just didn’t sit well with me! At first, I felt like they should have brought back her Brest Cancer and killed her off, however, I’m praying she makes a return for season 2. Samantha was Carrie’s backbone, she helped her with her career, she was the first one to get Carrie to eat after the wedding fiasco with Mr. Big. She just has to come back. I won’t lie to you guys, when Carrie opened at envelope at the funeral home I swore it was from Aidan, however, when it said “Love Samantha” I cried! That hurt me worst than Mr. Big’s death. I probably cried because I knew Samantha wouldn’t have sent any damn flowers, she would have been running the funeral so Carrie would have time to grieve.

Despite Samantha’s absence, we’ve got plenty of fresh new faces that I’m excited about. I can’t wait to see the style and grace that Nicole Ari Parker will bring as Lisa Todd Wexley (aka the Black Charolette) and Karen Pittman as Dr. Nya Wallace, Miranda’s chic law professor. I’m extremely happy they decided to add some color to the show (if you know what I mean🤨).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the rest of the season so I can laugh, cry and miss Samantha. I can’t wait to see if Carrie bumps into Aidan, excited to see Lily’s wardrobe and praying Miranda doesn’t become a Grandmother! 🤣🤣😩

I’ll see you later, we’ll chat after episode 3!