Infused Wine Anyone?😋

So, last week I was in the mood to do a little experimenting and decided to combine two things that I love. Cannabis & Wine! I took a 750ml bottle of my favorite wine Pinot Grigio and some Platinum Kush and got things started.

First, I used my Ardent FX machine to decarb about 7gs of my Platinum Kush. Once my cannabis was decarb, I then grounded it up and placed it inside a piece of cheesecloth. Next, I poured my bottle of Pinot Grigio into a container and dropped my bag of cannabis-filled cheesecloth right in. I covered my container and put it in the fridge to soak for about 48hours.

While soaking in the fridge I made sure to check in and stir it every few hours. After about 24hours I checked in and everything looked great, however, I thought about adding some stems for a little extra kick. Listen, I have no clue why I did this LMFAO but I did it anyway. I added about 3g of stems and let us soak in. And, yes I decarb the stems before I added them in. I then went back to my normal routine of stirring it every few hours.

Once my 48hours were up, I got my container of out the fridge gave it one final stir, and squeeze it then I got a few pieces of cheesecloth and strained it out. After I strained it out, I put the wine back in the original bottle and did a taste test. Listen, when I tell you guys that wine was potent AF LMFAO. I had two glasses, not full glasses I would say roughly 2oz each and that sh*t put me on my azz LMFAO! My Canna-infused wine had a fairly strong aroma (not too overbearing), however, I was loving it. It tasted like olive juice with an aftertaste of cannabis. I do feel like the stems are what gave it the aftertaste so I will be leaving it out when I do my next batch to see if that helps.

I’m super excited to create my next batch, I hope leaving out the stems will ease up the potency and aftertaste. I also want to test out some red wine, with all the amazing benefits that red wine includes in addition to cannabis should be a great combination. Let me know if you guys decide to try out a batch of your own and I’ll keep you posted on my next batch!

Happy Holidays