5 Things I’ll be doing differently this year📝

As the saying goes, ‘New Year, New Me‘ right😩. Well, I’m not into that phrase; I’m more of a ‘New Year, Better Me‘ type of girl. I’m turning 40 this year, and I’ve already claimed this year as the year of my ‘Rebirth‘! While I was working on my 2022 vision board and goals, I thought about things that worked well for me in the previous years and incorporated them into my daily routines. 

  • Daily meditation 🧘‍♀️ : I’ll be making meditation more of a priority in my life. I’ll start my mornings off with 5min sessions, working my way up in increments of 5mins (10, 15, 20, so forth). I will be using this time to thank the Universe, clear my mind, think about the day ahead, and, of course, wake & bake. 
  • Giving myself a break, allowing mistakes, and not beating myself up: This is another HUGE priority on my list. I’ll be keeping things simple and not making life complicated; I’ve ruined too many opportunities personally and professionally due to self-doubt. I’ll be celebrating the small wins more and trusting myself more. Most importantly, I will continue to recognize and celebrate the dope human being that I am.  
  • Put Down the Phone 📱 : Now, I run three (3) businesses so this one is easier said than done😩. I should say I will develop a healthier relationship with my phone. I will stop taking my phone in the bathroom and to bed with me. Since I schedule my social media post for my businesses, I don’t need to be on social media as often. I’ll be using that time to recharge, read a good comic book, and/or grab a quick snack (I’m trying to gain about 10lbs 🥴). I will also commit to a one (1) day phone detox per month – maybe this will work better than going to bed without my phone. I LOVE me some Soda Crush – don’t judge me.  
  • Forgive and Let Go of Past Grudges: What is done, is already done. We can’t change the past, so no need to stress over it🤷🏽‍♀️. I’ve done some unforgiving things to people in the past, and I’ve had some unforgiving things done to me. However, I no longer have room in my heart to hate or resent anyone. I need to make room for all the abundance the Universe is about to send my way. I’ve learned you can always forgive, but still, keep your distance😉. 
  • More bongs/joints, fewer spliffs: I’m not smoking anymore, but I’m not smoking any less 😝! When I roll up my spliffs, I like to include a small piece of fronto (tobacco leaf). Since I’m getting older and my asthma isn’t getting any better, I will be easing myself off the fronto. I need to put my pink CHILL bong to use and I’ll be using papers (without fronto) more often.  

Cheers to 2022, I can’t wait to see where life takes me this year! Are you making any changes this year? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!