How To Be A More Positive ME!

Yesterday my Journal asked me a pretty cool question that I wanted to share with you guys, ‘What steps are you taking to ensure your happiness?‘ Now, for a person who’s pretty hard on themselves, this left me stuck for a bit. And Trust me, I was thinking HARD! 🤔

While taking a trip down memory lane, I noticed that a lot of my unhappiness came from putting myself down. The constant overthinking, comparisons to others, letting others steal my joy, etc. was tearing me down and stealing my happiness 🤷🏽‍♀️. Well, NO MORE for 2022🚫! The older I got the more I realized no one was in control of my happiness but me. No longer can I allow depression to overtake me when I have an unlimited amount of blessings covering me.  

Aside from my morning meditations and journal entries, I’ve implemented ten (10) steps below to help ensure my happiness: 

  1. Smile & Laugh more
  2. Be more empathetic & considerate to others
  3. Stop comparing, be happy and grateful for my life
  4. Think positive
  5. mentor more younger girls
  6. worry less, live more
  7.  don’t analyze it just do it
  8. more home spa days
  9. actually eat 3 meals a day
  10. stop complaining and be more grateful

What are some steps you’re taking to ensure your happiness for 2022 and beyond? Don’t be shy, share them with me!