Everyone Hates Effie…expect Me! (EP 6 SPOILERS)

Power: Ghost II ep 6 SPOILERS AHEAD

One thing y’all gonna do is watch y’all mouth when talking about my Baby Girl! 😩 Listen, I play no games when it comes to Effie Morales(Alix Lapri), OK! When I was first introduced to Effie in season 6, episode 2 of Power, I instantly fell in love with her. Her intelligence, beauty, and ruthlessness made her one of my favorite characters on the show. Let’s not forget she’s an amazing chess player and is all about her BUSINESS.

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We all know when Effie was introduced into the Power Universe, she ended up double-crossing Tariq. Because of this everyone is now giving her the side-eye now that she has come to his aid after he posted bail. Ok, listen hear me out, I’ve always felt like there was genuine love between these two, at one point I even said she was the female version of Tariq. He’s double-crossed a few people in his life, and I’m sure at the end of the day if he could he would come to their aid if needed. I know Effie crossed Tariq but let’s be real about it, he moved in on her territory, she did what she felt she needed to do. Tariq should have been watching the “chessboard” if you know what I’m saying! I felt like once Effie cleared the air about why she double-crossed him and Tariq took her product without paying, they both came to a mutual understanding. Shit is done and buried.

Effie & Tariq makeup – Power: Ghost II Season 1

However, as much as I love my fake daughter Effie, I still feel like Tariq should be careful 😩! Listen I know my child ok 🤷🏽‍♀️. Plain and simple, Effie is about her business and will do whatever it takes to make sure she prospers. Even if that means, crossing Tariq again. Let’s see if Tariq has grown this season and will take Kanan’s advice and “pay attention to the entire chessboard”. He has to know what everyone is doing before they do, including Effie. He needs to realize Effie does love him and accepts him for who he really is, but at the end of the day, anyone can get it. Shit, in addition to that talk he had with Kanan’s ghost he needs to replay that conversation he had with his mother Tasha about Effie and trust.

Tariq asks Tasha for advice on how to work with Effie

Listen, at the end of the day I really hope Tariq has a watchful eye on Effie, and Effie moves wisely. If they can put that messy ish behind them, they could really build a serious empire with Brayden, we can’t leave out Brayden😩. I’m excited for the remainder of this season and the wild adventures of Tariq, Effie and Brayden.