Are You A Productive Stoner Girl? Then This Notebook Is For You.

Despite what many people think, not all stoners are lazy. In reality, many of us are motivated, successful, hardworking, creative, and productive people. We just like to smoke a lot, OK 😩😩😩. Now, don’t get it twisted, give me the wrong strain (Indica) and it’s NIGHT, NIGHT for me! However, give me the right strain (Hybrid of Indica & Sativa), and I’m in the zone for hours. The creative juices start flowing and I’m less flustered and more productive.

One of my secret weapons to staying productive while stoned is my trusty Stoner Girl planning team (aka my notebooks, planners, and calendars). As organized and productive as I am, my memory is the absolute worst. So I always make sure to have my necessities nearby. I sort of consider my notebooks my bibles 😁😁, they hold my thoughts, project brainstorms, to-do lists, daily goals, and more.

Stiletto Stonerz Smoke Boutique recently launched this gorgeous notebook to help Stoner Girls everywhere manage their day, personal goals, or business. Order your copy today on, she’ll make a great gift for yourself or your favorite Lady StonerπŸ˜‰πŸ’–.