Where Do I See Myself In 10 Years? 🤔

The other day I was sitting and thinking to myself, Tiffany, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

10 years 😳🤯! To be honest, when planning and strategizing I’ve only looked 1, 3, or 5 years ahead. However, the way the last 10 years have literally flown by us, it’s only right I get some kind of plan in motion.

10 years ago, if you would have told me how my life would change I wouldn’t have believed you. Not for one second! Back in 2012, I was working a pretty decent job (Media Planner at National Geographic), had a great crew of friends, active dating life, active social life, and no connection with spirituality. Oh yeah, and I turned 30 that year as well, how could I forget 😩. There is no way that I would have believed that within 10 years, my career in Advertising Sales would be over, I would have two businesses, lose close connections with friends, and be more connected with spirituality.

So, where do I see myself in 2032? I see myself living in Austin, Texas, or Orlando, Fl (I currently live in NYC) in a moderate size, yet very comfortable home (of course Bat-cave included). I hoping for Cannabis to get legalized in those states before I get there tho🤣😩. I’ll be running my successful businesses, Stiletto Stonerz and HilBrera Group. I’ll be financially stable and independent so I could give my Twin Terrors a life they would enjoy and cherish, buy my Daddy a boat, have my Aunt in Vegas non-stop😩😩 (my Auntie loves her a Casino y’all), help and employ family and friends (especially the ones whose helped me) and spoil myself (y’all know I love me a comic book and a Chanel bag). I’ll be more connected with my faith and spirituality and most important I will be a happier and more successful version of the person I am today. I’ve been working extremely hard the past year on removing this hurt, anger, and aggression from inside of me because I need to allow room for forgiveness, love, and happiness.

Here are some of the goals that are on my list to achieve within the next 10 years:

  • Be more kind and empathetic to people. LIsten, it took me a long time to realize my stink ass attutide and dry sarcasm got me no where that i’m proud of. When people look at me I want them to say ‘Tiffany always made me feel loved, empowered and appreciated’.
  • Growth and expansion for Stiletto Stonerz. I’ll be offically launch Stiletto Stonerz Infusions, which will be a collection of my infused red and white wines and tinctures. I will also be relaunching and the Puffin’ Pretty fest, having it in every cannabis friendly (legal) state. I will also be introudcing my very own cannabis strain.
  • Leaving NYC and purchasing a home in Texas or Flordia. I’m completely over the harsh enviromnet and weather of the North. I’m ready to live out the rest of my days in a sunny state, in a comfortable home with a greenhouse, no violence, good weed and friendly people. There is nothing left for me in NYC. You better believe I’m making 2022 my last year here in New York State!
  • Offically launch HilBrera Group. HilBrera is my company where I do all my other work (aka my passive income) – my Glamour Geek Blog, my custom Notebooks/Journals/Planners, viritual office managment and more. It’s time that I make it an offical company, so i’ll be working to do this by 2023 the latest.
  • More fluent in Spanish langauge. Back in 2020 I decided to pick up learning spanish as a hobby, and actual FINISH IT! UGH 😣, I started out pretty consistent, however I fell off once Stiletto Stonerz started to get extremely busy. This year, I’ve made sure to set aside some time so that I could dedicate at least an half an hour a day to learning spanish. I want to be able to travel to Mexico or Spain and enjoy conversation with the locals, watch El Chapo and Narcos without the subtitles, watch those other nextflix spanish langauge movies that look so damn good 😩 and listen to Narcocorrido songs!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Trust me when I tell you, 2032 will be here before you know it!