Power: Ghost II S2 Ep8 – WTF! (SPOILERS AHEAD)🤯

**Spoilers Ahead**

When I tell you the number of bombs 💣 dropped during this episode! The last time a TV show snatched my edges back this hard was when He Who Remains showed up on Loki 😩. Last week during her Instagram live, Courtney Kemp suggested to us “not to have any water in our mouth” during the end of the episode because we WILL spit it out. However, she did not warn me to have my asthma pump nearby for that EXPLOSIVE 🧨 ass Tejada dinner table scene. LAWD! 😳🤯

Definitely, an action-packed episode from the very start. Court has started for Tariq, and things are already hot and heavy! Jenny wasn’t holding back not one bit 🤦🏽‍♀️, during her open argument Jenny disclosed that she had a recording that will incriminate Tariq; yup you guessed it, the recording that Lauren got on the Rolex. After Tariq finds out Lauren is responsible for the recording, he does everything he can to make sure she’s protected from getting on the stand. Still, out of product and money to pay Davis’s fees, Tariq, Monet, Cain, Brayden, and Effie put together a plan to rob Mecca. The plan goes off well, Davis’s fee are paid and the crew is back in business.

So, after a long day of snooping around, committing robberies, etc. the Tejadas sit down for the family dinner that Diana made. Instead of a nice, quiet family dinner; this one turned out to be super explosive. The number of secrets that Diana revealed left everyone in a chokehold. Including me! 😳

Diana revealed that Cain replaced the work with sugar, Cain confirmed Drew still hasn’t killed Everett, Monet revealed that Diana was sleeping with Tariq and the most explosive bomb dropped… Diana revealed that Monet was cheating on Lorenzo with Zeke’s Dad and that Zeke is Monet’s son. UGH, I felt so bad for Lorenzo and Zeke at that dinner table 🤦🏽‍♀️ you could tell that both of their hearts broke at that moment! Monet should have known that choke out she gave Diana would come back to bite her in the azz 😩😩😩😩! Whew! The crazy part about the dinner scene was, despite the number of secrets that were revealed, we still have one HUGE one left. What is the family going to do when they find out that Dante (Zeke’s Dad) is Mecca?

OMG, I can not even wait for the last two episodes!