10 Random Things About Me!

Hey there beautiful people, I’m Tiffany the Glamour Geek 😊. I feel like you guys are always here listening to me ramble, so it’s only right a share a little bit about myself.

Now, I didn’t get too deep or personal with this list, I just wanted to share a few random things about good ole me.

  • My favorite comicbook author is Ed Brubaker. I am a HUGE collector of pretty much all of his work. His crime fiction novels are the absolute BEST! He has also done some work for DC (yes Batman 😀) and Marvel which I am a huge fan of as well. A few of my favorites by Brubaker are the Sleeper series, The Criminal Series, Captain America: The Winter Soilder and the Gotham Central series.
  • The last TV show that I binged watched was Euphoria. I’m going to discuss that more later in another post. Right now I have a few mixed feelings about it 🤔.
  • My favorite quote from a movie is “There’s only two men I trust. One is me. The other is not you.” ~ Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) ConAir
  • If I could go back in time and change one thing, I would have been more outgoing in College and I wouldn’t have dropped my Film Prodution class. I really really loved that class 😌 and as much as I love my comics and making movies I never understood why I gave up so easily. I failed one test and instead of taking that test over and passing it, I just withdrew from the class. Hands down one of my biggest regrets to this day.
  • I have five pillows on my bed, however I only sleep with one. Oh, and I love pillow forts, so I like to make sure I at least have enough for a mini fort. 🤣
  • The one song that will get me out on the dance floor no matter how i’m feeling is E.U Da Butt – its from the School Daze sound track. This song always brings me back to my youth and my college days!
E.U Da Butt Music Video
  • My best friend and I have been friends since Kindergarden. We’ve been together through elementary school, JHS and High School, I left for college and came back and we continued where we left off. She’s the my Pam to my Gina, the Sharane to my Syndey, and the Brian to my Stewie.
  • If there was a fictional world that I could travel to for a day, it would be Marvel’s Asgard. I know I would have the time of my life in this futuristic city. I would pay Odin a visit to hear some of his stories, check out Odin’s vault (aka his treasure room), learn some magic Frigga and ride the rainbow bridge.
  • The last comic book that I read was The New Avengers Illuminati. I will be follow up this series with Secret Invasion. I’m here rumors that we may get some version of the Illuminati in the upcoming Dr. Strange Movie. I’m not sure i’m ready for them to be introduced this early, but let’s see if the rumors are true.
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  • I’m a HUGE lover of Christian Louboutin shoes, you guessed it they’re my number ones. My favorite shoe by him are the ‘So Kates’, I call them my Barbie (my favorite doll growing up) Shoes. I’ve already collected about 5 pairs (So Kates) and aiming for more lol, well maybe one or two more. I have other pairs of red bottoms but it’s just something about those ‘So Kates’, it’s like they were made just for me (the Black Kate Moss 😉). Here are a pic of my favorite pair, which ironically I haven’t worn yet 🤣 *shameful*
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My Denim & White Christian Louboutin ‘So Kates’

Share some random things about you below, I’d love to learn about my fellow followers! ❤️