Ok, So I finished season 1 of Euphoria…😳

So, I finally finished season one of Euphoria, and baby those kids (and adults) were cutting up πŸ˜‚! Is it just me or did anyone else feel like it was a blend of Gossip Girl & Riverdale πŸ€” .

After watching season one, I’m not sure I’ll be making it into season two. Not saying the show isn’t good, it’s just not my cup of tea (remember my old azz not really doing the teen dramas but I lawd knows I tried).

So, like I mentioned in my previous post, the show started off amazing, I was loving the soundtrack, the actors, the storyline, etc. However, it’s just something about teen dramas that just can’t get my attention for long UGH which is a shame. I won’t lie, if I was in my 20s, early 30s this show would have definitely been a favorite. I know many adults are not fans of the crazy amount of graphic sex scenes in the show, however, the sad reality of it is, kids and teens are out here fucking and fucking WELL, OK! These kids are having more sex than my 40-year-old virgin ass (no I’m not a virgin 🀣 , but you get the idea).

Now, despite my attention span not trying to get me to season two, I did love the fact that the show explored teens dealing with mental illness, sexuality, addiction, and more. Euphoria is hands down one of the most realistic shows dealing with struggles many kids/teenagers are sadly living within today’s society. I told my 17-year-old niece to make sure she checks it out. I don’t really see this show influencing kids/teens into a life of sex and drugs. However, I do believe this show will help bring awareness to the dangers of drug use and reckless sex life to kids, teens, and adults. Despite this show being for a mature audience only, I would definitely suggest parents watch this show with their teens, especially if they are in that 14-18 age range. You have to watch this show with an open mind, even if you want to admit it or not this shit is happening in real life.

I may check in with season two when I get a chance, I actually fell in love with Fezco’s character so I want to know more about him. The reality is, I may end up getting the rundown from my niece because this old hag will be watching her crime dramas instead. 🀣