Listen, I Need A Documentary On The DeBarge Family!

I just finished watching Unsung: The DeBarge Family and the only thing that comes to my mind is…why haven’t we gotten a documentary on this legendary family yet? Don’t get me wrong the Unsung episode was great, it introduced me to some things I didn’t know about the family. However, I need MORE.

Before watching Unsung, I had assumed (see why it’s not good to ASSume) that something went wrong with the DeBarge Family when they entered the music business (you guys know the rumors of the industry – fame, drugs, sexual abuse, etc.). And, that this was the cause of their downfall. However, to learn that their own Father was the root of their problems was absolutely heartbreaking. With each of the DeBarge kids trying to battle sexual abuse, drug use, and/or crime; all while dealing with fame and success, I know a documentary would be super epic. Also, with three gold-certified albums and more than ten hit singles, can you guys imagine how dope the soundtrack for the documentary would be? 😮 Wait, I wonder if the reason we can’t get a documentary is that someone has the music rights in a choke-hold 🤔 . I really hope not because I know I’m not the only one that wants to see this documentary happen 😑, OKAY! Also, I need this documentary to be a minimum of 3 parts, there are 10 kids in this family so I want to make sure we have enough time to cover them all.

Well, all I can do is continue to manifest that there is a screenwriter, director, producer, etc. out there that feels as strongly about this as I do, so I can see this documentary brought to life. Now, you guys see why I’m upset for dropping that film production class 😆 😒. Anyway, below is my favorite song from DeBarge, along with the Unsung episode. I hope you enjoy it, and maybe one day we will get the joy of seeing this story turned into a documentary.

Man, that damn Unsung episode got me feeling like Tyrone Biggums 🤣 😂 🤪! I need MORE, at least give me a biopic on Bobby or El, PLEASE!