Another Round Of Infused Wine🍷 , Please!

It’s time for another batch of THC-infused wine 🍷 😃 . Since I enjoyed my first batch so much, I decided to make myself a special batch for my birthday. I’m super excited, I hope it gets me WASTED! 🤪

What better way to enjoy my 40th birthday than with my three favorite things: Wine, Weed & Batman. And, yes you guys know I’ll be front and center at the movies when The Batman releases.

For my second batch, I’ll be making some slight adjustments so I hope it works out. The first time around, I used my favorite white wine, Pinot Grigio and I soaked it in 7g of Platinum Kush (decarbed of course) for about 48hrs. For my birthday batch, I’ll be using my favorite red white, Chateau Lafitte – 2018 Grand Vin De Bordeaux and I’ll soak it in 15g of cannabis stems (no flower) for about a month. I’ll check back in with you guys a month from now when I do my taste test and let you know how it goes.

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Stiletto Stonerz Infusions

Check out below for my previous post on my first batch of infused wine. Hope you enjoy it.

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