My Favorite Blog Post From January 😀

Happy Friday GlamGeeks! We’ve finally made it through another week. It’s time to kick back, roll something up and relax, relate, release.

In case you missed the action, below are my top posts from last month (January).

Everyone Hates Effie…expect Me! (EP 6 SPOILERS)

Power: Ghost II ep 6 SPOILERS AHEAD One thing y’all gonna do is watch y’all mouth when talking about my Baby Girl! 😩 Listen, I play no games when it comes to Effie Morales(Alix Lapri), OK! When I was first introduced to Effie in season 6, episode 2 of Power, I instantly fell in love…

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My 2022 Blogging Goals💖

Last year when I launched The Daily Cheeba Blog (now Tiffany the Glamour Geek Blog), I didn’t have goals set in place; the only goal I had in mind was to write. For 2022, I have a better idea of the direction I want to take my blog in, and I made sure to set…

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How To Be A More Positive ME!

Yesterday my Journal asked me a pretty cool question that I wanted to share with you guys, ‘What steps are you taking to ensure your happiness?’ Now, for a person who’s pretty hard on themselves, this left me stuck for a bit. And Trust me, I was thinking HARD! 🤔 While taking a trip down memory…

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Graphic Novels/Books That I’ve Read Last Month

Happy Friday GlamGeeks, the end of the workweek is here and it’s time to relax, relate and release. What are some of the plans that you have for this weekend? Are you going to kick back and relax and read a good book? Are you going to hand with some friends, or will you go…

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