Trap Queen 👸🏽 Tonesa Welsh – VladTV Interview

Okay, first things first, I know Tonesa is usually referred to (and is addressed) as the 1st Lady of BMF. But, was she still in the game by the time BMF was formed? I mean I know she was with Southwest Tee and helped him establish himself in the game, but it seems like by the time BMF was formed she was playing the background. So, I’m going to hold off on calling her the 1st Lady of BMF. I’m referring to her as the Lady who put Southwest Tee & Big Meech on so they could form BMF (I could be wrong but that’s what I got from the interview). I mean she did make it clear at one point in the interview that the ones holding things down prior to BMF were her and Southwest Tee, not Southwest Tee and Big Meech 😳.

Check out her VladTV interview below. I actually enjoyed it, she address the former BMF driver who called her a rat, feeling betrayed by Southwest Tee, BMF’s life rights, dealing with an abusive relationship, and changing her life after prison.

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