What Trouble Will Tommy Get Into This Weekend? Power Book IV: Force Ep2 What To Expect. (SPOILERS)

This post will contain *SPOILERS* from Power Book IV: Force episode 1.

Last week upon Tommy’s arrival in Chicago, we learned a few new things about his family background. His Grandmother, Miriam Egan is still alive and he has a half-brother (J.P Gibbs) who also happens to be Black. So, Kate has pretty much been lying to poor Tommy all is life 🤦🏽‍♀️, she lied about his father, grandmother, and half brother. Boy was Kate was cold-blooded!

I’m excited to see what goes down this week, I hope they start to give us some background on J.P (Tommy’s brother) and his grandmother. It looks like she may be suffering from Alzheimer’s, however, she was able to recognize him for a slight moment. Maybe she will be able to come back long enough to give us some background on why Kate was the way she is.

Now, we were introduced to a beautiful bartender last week by the name of Gloria. She and Tommy hit it off pretty well last week, so I’m excited to see how far this one will go. After everything that has gone down with LaKeisha, we know our boy Tommy needs a break when it comes to love. One slight issue with Gloria, it looks like she’s the old fame of Vic Flynn, who unfortunately doesn’t consider her an old flame. I see issues with this little entanglement between, Tommy, Gloria, and Vic being a huge problem. I hope Gloria doesn’t end up dead 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Before we go any further, y’all know I’m beyond excited to see the meet-up between Tommy and Diamond. Whew, Chile! Lord knows I love me a gangsta and a gentleman, and Diamond definitely looks like he is both 😻 Anyway, I can’t wait to see the energy between these two. We already know there’s no replacing Ghost, but I can’t wait to see what trouble this dynamic duo gets into.

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Well, let’s see how the Flynn Family handles Tommy’s return, Watler the head of the family made it very clear to Tommy that he wanted him out of Chicago. However, we know Tommy doesn’t listen 😑!

Check out below for exclusive clips from episode 2 and what to expect in episode 2 from my favorite Power TV Universe Commentator, Marc Dark.

Power Book IV: Force returns Sunday at Midnight if you have the app or at 9pm if you’re watching it on TV.