Are You Ready For Snowfall – Season 5?

GlamGeeks are you ready? Next Wednesday, one of our favorite shows finally returns. Yes, I’m talking about Snowfall Baby! I know things are going to get really hot and heavy this season! UGH!

First thing first, R.I.P to ManBoy, I really loved his character and was sad to see him go. I just felt like he was such a great antagonist for Franklin. I absolutely loved their back and forth energy. They reminded me of my Twins 🤣 one is super laid back the other…well he’s a 9-year-old ManBoy 🤣.

Last season we left off with Aunt Louie & Uncle Jerome discussing running their own business, Cissy and Alton leaving for Cuba, Teddy getting exposed by Irene Abe (a journalist who while working to unravel the truth about the crack epidemic, ends up discovering the CIA corruption and their role in the crack game) and Franklin trying to figure out a way to put his fractured family back together.

Now, based on the Season 5 trailer I’m expecting a few things to pop off. Based on history, we know shit is about to hit the fan with the gang/drug war. Franklin definitely has to figure out a way to navigate through this shit since he doesn’t have Aunt Louie and Uncle Jerome at his side anymore. Also, I see Teddy is back, I won’t front I thought Alton would have killed his ass in Cuba but it looks like it could be the other way around 😳. I’m really thinking something may have happened to Alton because Cissy is back but he isn’t!

Next, we are introduced to a Detective talking with Aunt Louie, who I believe will be a part of the infamous CRASH (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) anti-gang unit who was caught up in a major scandal during the late 90s. If you’ve guys ever watched the TV Show The Shield, then you have an idea of who these guys were and how they conducted their selves. Skully is looking well and fully healed up, you know what, I was wondering if he would end up working with Aunt Louie and Uncle Jerome 🤔. I don’t know why but I think after the way Aunt Louie talked him down in the hospital he may have a newfound respect for her, we shall see.

Anyway, check out the trailer for season 5 below. I’m super excited and I can’t wait for next week. I wonder if Melanie will be returning now that she is clean. Also, I can’t wait to see how my girl Wanda is doing, I was extremely happy when she got clean. I hope she stays that way and maybe she and Leon will reconnect this season. Let’s see! 💖