What Brings A Tear Of Joy To My Eye! 🥲

So, this morning my journal asked me ‘What brings a tear of joy to my eye’ and instantly I thought of Comic Book movies. To see my favorite storylines and characters brought to life just does something to me, something that I can not explain. The fact that I am able to see characters that I’ve read about and grown to love be portrayed by some of my favorite actors/actresses always warms my heart. Sometimes all I can do is sit back in awe and amazement. Below are a few movies that brought tears of joy to my eyes or in other cases got me a little choked up 🤣 .

The Dark Knight Rises – Ok, I’ve read the Knightfall storyline so I was expecting Bane to break Batman’s back however, seeing it on screen made it super intense. I almost pulled out my Bat-phone to call Superman to help 😩.

Fast forward to the ending, that’s when my eyes started to sweat. Seeing Batman sacrifice himself for his city, and his city realizing that Batman is not only a hero but the Protector of Gotham. One that they didn’t cherish at the time.

Captain America: Civil War – This movie was actually based on a storyline by one of my favorite authors so that in itself brought tears of joy to my eyes😩. However, the one part that really got me, was after Ironman saw the video of Buckey killing his parents. He asked Steve why he didn’t tell him, and Steve’s response was “he was my friend”. When Tony responds with “so was I”, man the eyes started sweating again 🤣 . And, don’t forget that amazing fight scene, boy was that epic.

Spider-Man No way Home – I know myself and every Glam Geek across the world shed a tear of joy when Toby Maguire came through that portal 🤣. Don’t get me wrong, I love Andrew but it was just something about seeing my old friend Toby make his appearance. Also, let’s not forget when we saw all three of them in their costumes, listen that was just magical, phenomenal, and EPIC!

Avengers: Infinity Wars – Boy oh boy, there were so many amazing parts in this movie, however, there are two parts that I will never forget.

The first one was when Thor, Rocket, and Groot travel to Nidavellir to get a new Hammer made. However, due to some difficulties, Groot has to use one of his branches to help great Thor’s new hammer Stormbreaker.

The second one was when Thor, Rocket, and Groot entered Wakanda ready to unleash a serious can of ass-whooping and help save the day.

Avengers: End Game – I don’t think I need to explain to you guys which part in End Game brought a tear of joy to my eye.

If you’re like me, then you noticed how Captain America was able to get Mjolnir to slightly move in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And, we all know if you are not worthy you won’t be able to get Mjolnir to budge. So, of course, when Steve was able to summon Mjolnir in Avengers: End Game, a tear of joy combined with an OMG, I KNEW IT, overcame me. 😩😩😩😩

X-Men: First Class – I wouldn’t say that this X-Men movie is my favorite, that spot belongs to X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, that moment in X-Men: First Class when Professor X is helping Magneto to calm his mind and showing him, he can use the good memories within to summon his powers, instead of the painful ones.

Well, these are some of my favorite comic book movies, the ones that brought a tear of joy to my eye at some point during the movie. Share below something that brought a tear to your eye, it could be a comic book, a movie you watched, or a bill you finally paid off😩. I’d love to know.