One Superpower That I’d Love To Have.

Right now my superpower is making thousands of dollars disappear in the CHANEL store. However, if I was granted the ability to have another superpower, I would want the superpowers of one of my favorite Marvel heroes of all time Reed Richards – Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. The fact that Mr. Fantastic possesses a mastery of mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineering, chemistry, all levels of physics, and human and alien biology, is enough to make me want to be Mr. Fantastic. Being, extremely elastic and durable also helps.

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Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic

I would use my brain to build inventions to help end world crises, build systems to help kids learn better in schools, improve technology to help with healthcare, build machines so I could travel thru time, space, and outer space. Time travel has always been an obsession of mine, so I’d definitely be building a time machine if I had the intellect and superpowers to travel through it. I’d also use my superpowers to do some deep, and I mean deep water diving. Since Reed’s body is elastic-like and protected from damage, I’d be doing some underwater research, I’d be exploring and discovering places under the sea unknown to man. And of course, because I’m super intelligent I’ll already have figured out a way to breath underwater 😉.

Anyway, that’s my dream superpower. What superpower you’d love to have and what you’d do with it? Share below.