One Thing That I Wear Non-stop Is…

Listen here GlamGeeks, if there is one thing that I wear non-stop it’s my soft, plush and comfy smoking robe. Okay, it’s not really a smoking robe, I just named it that😩😩.

My niece purchased me this robe I want to say either two or three years ago, and I’ve been attached to it ever since.

Just like Linus, you can always find me with my comfort robe on. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had other robes that I’ve loved in the past. However, it’s just something about this robe that I just can’t explain😩🤷🏽‍♀️. It’s like I feel incomplete and always feel a slight draft whenever I don’t have my robe on. No matter the weather (and to give you a little background, my robe is super thick), I must have my robe on. Added bonus: the pockets are perfect for holding my stash jars, cups/bottles of juice, joints, snacks, and more.

Now, as much as I love this robe, I’ve recently been considering purchasing another robe. You know, just for backup, and for those days my favorite robe is in the wash. I’m trying to decide between a cashmere robe or cotton terry and microfiber blend. Currently, I’m leaning towards the cotton terry and microfiber blend fabric, as this is the one that gives a more luxurious robe experience. This fabric blend is the one that is popularly used in spas, so of course, I’m gravitating towards that one.

I definitely consider my robe my security blanket. Now, I may not be able to leave the house with it. However, if I’m in my house and I’m awake there’s a 1000000000% chance that I’ve got my smoking robe on. What have you been wearing non-stop? It could be lipstick, a favorite sweater, a fragrance, or all of the above. Share your thoughts below💖.