Money Ain’t A Thang! 💰 What you’d do if money suddenly wasn’t a problem?

What I do if money suddenly wasn’t a problem? 😳

Lawd, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, the Comic Book store, and the Weed Dispensary would see me every got damn day! OKAY! Just kidding, just kidding…or am I? 😩

If I woke up one day and money wasn’t an issue, the first thing I will do is purchase a small beachfront property home, then I will purchase a huge chunk of land to build my dream Barbie home and weed farm. Both of my houses will be SICK! I’m talking personal movie theaters, a special room for my comic books, a killer closet, and a backyard that you will mistake for a small island. I will pay off all my debt and put some money away in my investment and savings accounts. I will create trust funds for my niece and nephews and godchildren. I will finally be able to get my Father his own boat so he and his boys can go fishing whenever he wants. I will also be able to get my Aunt her own private jet and tour bus so she can go to Vegas whenever she pleases.

I will retire my entire Goodie Sorority (my Best Friends) because our days will be filled with traveling, Yacht parties, shopping, spa dates, and drinking wine😊😄. I will finally be able to fund my businesses the proper way and continue building them into a mega-brand and household name. Don’t worry GlamGeeks, you will see my gorgeous accessories on TV shows and movies one day. To be able to employ my friends is a huge goal of mine, with the success of my companies (and financial stability) I’ll be able to do that. I will also be able to do more for my communities – fund public schools, invest in some small businesses, open more after-school programs/centers, provide more shelters, etc.

OMG, and before I forget, I will fund a few movies and books that I would love to see get made. I will give Gene Deal (check out his YouTube channel) the funds to make his documentary on what really happened the night the Notorious B.I.G died, I would give Bobby Brown’s Sister, Leolah some money so she could release her tell-all book on what happened with Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi. Lawd knows both of them gave us some really juicy stories on YouTube that I need more details on. I will also fund someone to make a documentary on the DeBarge Family as well. You guys know I have been begging for that for a while now. I appreciated the Unsung series, however, y’all know that I need more.

Well, that’s just a small taste of what I will do when money won’t be a problem. I will enjoy my days of financial freedom and spend all my time with my family and friends. Build my empire and legacy and live my best life. What you’d do if money suddenly wasn’t a problem? Share below.

Jermaine Dupri – Money Ain’t A Thang (Feat. Jay-Z) (Official Music Video)