Power Book IV: Force S1 EP4 – My Top Favorite Moments.


I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I don’t feel much excitement on Twitter for Power Book IV: Force that I’ve felt for the other Books from the Power Universe. During an episode of Power, my timeline is usually off the hook, however, I’ve noticed my timeline has been pretty quiet when this show is on.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally think the show is awesome. It hit the ground running in my opinion, gave us some great character backgrounds, and even had a few callbacks that us old Power Fans would appreciate.

I really hope they get renewed for a second season. Based on the character development and storyline from the first season, I just know they have some explosive shit in store for us.

Let’s get into my top favorite moments from last nights’ episode – episode 4 “Storm Clouds“:

  • You Swing At The King, You Better Not Miss – After last week’s fight between the Brothers we pick back up with Jenard and the younger members of CBI discussing a plan to take Diamond out of the picture. Jenard explains that he gave up a lot once he took over CBI and he isn’t willing to let it go easily. On that note, I need more backstory on Jenard, because his cauliflower ear is KILLING ME!
  • You’re the only Flynn that I Fcuk With
    • Claudia continues to work behind her Father’s back while trying to make a name for herself by introducing her new powerful product to the streets.
    • Also despite his Father’s objection, Vic continues to work with Tommy and Diamond to work on bringing the CBI and Flynn Family together.
  • Poor Paulie – We meet Paulie’s son who happens to be a homeless drug addict. I’m waiting to hear more backstory on this. How did he end up that way? Also who else knows about this? I see this becoming a huge issue if this is a family secret. It’s going to get out somehow someway.
  • Meet the Family – Was I the only one that screamed ‘SONNY’ (he plays Sonny on The Chi), when we saw J.P’s dad 😆? We get a little background on J.P and his Dad, Pops isn’t feeling Tommy too much. However, Tommy assures him that he isn’t there to cause them any trouble, he just wants to get to know his Brother.
Power Book IV: Force episode 4, Tommy With J.P and J.P's Dad, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog
Tommy, J.P & J.P’s Dad
  • Father/Son Clash – Walter is pissed that Vic is ripping and running behind his back with Diamond and Tommy. Vic tries to let his father know that they need to change the way their family does business or else they will die out. Walter however, is not trying to hear it. Vic may end up having to take his father out, for his sanity and the family’s survival. 
  • Meet the Chef – Mai introduces the cook behind the powerful drug ‘Dahlia’ to Claudia. To ensure that the cook will work for her exclusively, Claudia ends up blackmailing her. I’m sure this will come back to bite Claudia in the ass.
Claudia & Mai talk about Dahlia, Power Book IV: Force, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl blog
Claudia & Mai
  • The Duo we didn’t know we needed – Okay, I know I’m not the only one loving some Tommy and Lilianna. While they discuss taking over Chicago, Tommy lets her know he’s there to make a name for himself and stand on his own two (without Ghost). I won’t lie, before this show started I just knew that Tommy and Diamond would be my new favorite duo. Boy was I wrong, I can’t wait to see what trouble Tommy and Lilianna cause for the remainder of the season. 
  • Bring Ghost! – The Serbs are back to collect their drugs from Lilianna. She reaches out to Tommy to let him know they are there to collect and to bring Ghost (OMG, all I could do was shed a tear). And, boy did Tommy bring Ghost. Cold, calculated, and quiet, Tommy showed up and did Ghost proud the way he took those Serbs out. Tommy gets Liliana out of there and takes her to hide out in Diamond’s barbershop while he worked on a plot to take over the Serb’s pipeline.
  • You on ya own with this one – Tommy lets Diamond know about his past beef with the Serbs. Even though Diamond wants to work with Tommy, he wants no part in helping Tommy take the Serbs out. I totally understand Diamond with this one, for christ sakes the man just got out of jail after 15 years,  
  • That’s how you get a cookie! – Tommy meets up with the Serbs to return their drugs and runs into a familiar face – Tatiana (first introduced in Power season 3). They have a quick exchange and Tommy reminds her of who he is. He has Vic come out from the shadows to take out two of her security guards before he takes her out and takes back the drugs. We can expect some serious blowback from this, I just know it. 
Tatiana (Milan's Widow), Power Season3, Power Book IV: Force, Tiffany Glamour Geek, Geek Culture Blog, Stoner Girl Blog, Spiritual Girl Blog
Tatiana – Milian’s Widow
  • You got a small head, All I need is one shot – after their escape with the law, Vic asks Tommy to drop him off for a drink. They end up in front of Gloria’s bar and Tommy declines. Vic lets Tommy know that he knows about their entanglement. They both agree to put their love affair to the side for the sake of getting money. Vic jokes that he rather keep an eye on Tommy to prevent getting two bullets in the head, Tommy lets him know he only needs one!😩🤣😆 Tommy breaks the news to Gloria that he can’t mess around with her anymore. Even though she agreed, Gloria has a look in her eyes that said otherwise. 
  • Father meets Son – well not really. D-Mac and his boys are about to break into and raid J.P’s shop but they get a rude awakening. J.P rushes out and confronts them, he doesn’t recognize his son but his son knows it’s him. To avoid his dad getting hurt D-Mac shoots the street lamp so his boys can leave. Still speechless, he ends up running away from his dad.  

Did you get a chance to check out Power Book IV: Force episode 4 last night? Drop your favorite moments below.